5 Simple Ways To Improve Fundraiser Sales

Simple fundraiser tips from Mixed Bag DesignsWe understand that running a fundraiser is stressful and we want to help. Here are some simple ways to improve your fundraiser sales. No two fundraisers are alike so you can use these tips and customize them for your group or school fundraiser.

Make a fundraiser board in your classroom – This may apply only to school fundraisers, but teams and other organizations can take the idea to their locker room or meeting room. Making a central board is easy for publicizing goals, promoting deadlines and keeping everyone on track throughout the fundraiser.

Set a seller goal and track it – In our parent letter templates, we encourage each fundraiser to promote a seller goal of at least five items – but each fundraiser can customize this idea to suit the group. Better yet – you can ask your sellers to think of their own goal and add it to your classroom fundraiser board. Displaying each seller’s goal is way to share their commitment to the group and also promote accountability so they are more likely to participate. Set up a thermometer or goal tracker on the board and as they get closer to their goal, move their marker up.

Promote the selling checklist – We have printed a selling checklist on every seller packet we send out and with good reason – sometimes people forget the most obvious selling opportunities like piano teachers or youth group participants from other schools. Other people you shouldn’t forget about include neighbors, family friends and even out-of-town family or friends who can send you their picks via email/text message and then mail a check OR shop online and support the fundraiser.

Make it easy to buy – Set up a volunteer group that will help with the order process to make it as easy as possible for people to shop. Offer to enter the orders for the sellers (use your volunteer group to help you in case you receive a lot of orders!). Set up a PayPal account or use Square in case people prefer to shop with a debit/credit card instead of cash or check. Set up a selling table at a school event like Back to School Night, Parent/Teacher Night, any school production or the big game – have petty cash available on hand to make change. Be sure to alert customers when the products will be available and how you will get them their orders!

Promote an online referral contest – Social networks and email are great promotional tools for fundraisers – you just need to get people motivate to use them to their full extent. Use prizes and contests for the people who share the most on social networks or send out the most emails promoting your fundraiser. Set up a #hashtag keyword that your sellers can use on Facebook, Twitter on Instagram – then you can easily search those posts using the hashtag search to reward the top referrers. We also provide an email referral as well – your sellers can add up to 10 email addresses (these are secure and not saved in our system beyond sending this email) and every time they send out an email, the fundraiser chairperson receives an alert. Reward those top email referrers with a special prize too. You’ll notice that the wider the network and the more involved your sellers become with promoting the fundraiser, the better your sales will be!

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