Reusable Bag Fundraisers For The New Year

Fundraiser Sign Up BonusEarly planners take advantage of this special offer! Sign up now for a Spring 2014 Fundraiser by January 31, 2014 and you’ll get tons of extras as a thank you!

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Merry Christmas from Mixed Bag Designs

Christmas Greetings from Mixed Bag Designs
The Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising team wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have a lot to be thankful for this year and we look forward to all new fundraising adventures in 2014!

We will be celebrating a new year in just a few short days and we are ready to help with your goals for the new season. A reusable bag fundraiser has been proven to successfully raise funds for schools, teams and charitable causes across the country, simply because the product is high-quality and useful compared to other fundraising products in the market. We strive to make our fundraising program simple and effective so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Let us help you and together we can make the future a little brighter.

Best wishes to all and happy holidays from our family to yours.

The Key to Fundraising Success

Successful fundraising tips: fundraiser chairperson tipsWe have asked some of our national sales representatives who work with fundraisers each and every day to see what they thought really helped a fundraiser succeed. What we found was that each fundraiser may be unique however there is a common thread in each successful fundraiser: the fundraiser chairperson.

The most successful fundraisers have organized chairpersons that communicated clearly, delegated tasks efficiently and kept the momentum going throughout the fundraiser. Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers offers a multitude of resources like professional letters, reminders and emails to help new fundraiser chairpersons manage their fundraising campaign successfully. A successful fundraiser is often the result of offering a quality product but also communicating consistently to your community about the fundraiser’s goals and how people can support. It’s an arduous task that requires persistence and hard work but it is definitely easier if the fundraiser chairperson works with a passionate team.

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Behind the Scenes: Mixed Bag Designs Holiday Party

Happy Holidays from Mixed Bag DesignsWe just celebrated our annual holiday party and wanted to share some behind the scenes shots of the revelry. Last night our design studio was transformed into a lively casino as the Mixed Bag Designs team celebrated the holidays together with some play-money gambling and a few sips of champagne.

As we look forward to more fundraising adventures in 2014, we wanted to pause and reflect on all of our good fortune here at MBD. We are so lucky to have such a great team here at Mixed Bag Designs headquarters in addition to our tireless sales force across the country. We love working with fundraisers to help them raise much-needed funding for schools, charitable causes and everything in between, and we are so grateful to all of our customers for letting us be a part of their admirable work. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fundraiser Marketing Ideas – Using Instagram

Did you remember to bring your reusable bags to carry all your goodies to your holiday parties? Our bags are not only helpful for supermarkets and department stores, they can be used to carry just about anything – even 10 dozen cupcakes! We love seeing your photos of your Mixed Bag Designs bags and we wanted to share this one with you all. We thought we’d share how others use their Mixed Bag Designs bags and you can use similar ideas or photos in your next fundraiser promotion!

End of Fundraiser Tips

As we near the end of the year, it’s time to say goodbye to another Fall fundraiser season. As you input the last fundraiser catalog order and send out one final email reminding parents to shop online and support your cause, it’s also important to keep in mind a few tasks to do after the fundraiser is over. These tips for the end of the fundraiser will hopefully keep your community happy and ready to support you next time.

Thank Your Volunteers
Who knows where we would be without our teams of volunteers helping to call parents, send out reminders, organize catalog distribution or helping to collect orders. Take the time to send out an email or newsletter expressing your gratitude to all those who helped make the fundraiser possible. When people feel appreciated, they will be more likely to help you again in the future. Plus it just feels good to be good to others.

Fundraiser Assessment
Even the most successful fundraisers can find ways to improve and now’s the best time to ask for feedback and plan out ways to make the next fundraising campaign better. When volunteers are helping to take down the posters or displays, just ask them what they thought of the fundraiser or how things could have been done better. Don’t want to put people on the spot? Create a free survey using SurveyMonkey or any online tool – remind people that responses are anonymous and send an email reminder to volunteers and parents about the survey. In the case of anonymous surveys, you may be surprised at the candid responses but take note – these critiques or suggestions may be key components in improving your fundraiser‘s success next year!

Fundraiser Marketing Ideas – Using Instagram

With all the social media tools out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. For many high schools, colleges, sororities and fraternities running a fundraiser, applications like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are an easy way to let your contacts know about your fundraiser. We wanted to share this photo to give you an idea on how to get the word out that you’re fundraising using Instagram. We love seeing your photos of your Mixed Bag Designs bags and we wanted to share this one with you all. We thought we’d share this photo of how others use their Mixed Bag Designs bags to promote their fundraiser and you can use similar ideas or photos in your next fundraiser promotion!