The Key to Fundraising Success

Successful fundraising tips: fundraiser chairperson tipsWe have asked some of our national sales representatives who work with fundraisers each and every day to see what they thought really helped a fundraiser succeed. What we found was that each fundraiser may be unique however there is a common thread in each successful fundraiser: the fundraiser chairperson.

The most successful fundraisers have organized chairpersons that communicated clearly, delegated tasks efficiently and kept the momentum going throughout the fundraiser. Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers offers a multitude of resources like professional letters, reminders and emails to help new fundraiser chairpersons manage their fundraising campaign successfully. A successful fundraiser is often the result of offering a quality product but also communicating consistently to your community about the fundraiser’s goals and how people can support. It’s an arduous task that requires persistence and hard work but it is definitely easier if the fundraiser chairperson works with a passionate team.

New to fundraising? Not to worry! Even if you are just starting out in fundraising, you can still be a successful chairperson if you assemble a motivated team to work with you on each task. Many of our sales representatives advise chairpersons to ask for help since it can make a HUGE difference in managing the workload. If you have a group of motivated and positive people working on your fundraiser, you can really maximize your results. As the team leader, you set the tone so stay calm under pressure and always keep a positive outlook and the team will follow.

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