5 Social Media Tips for NonProfits

Social Media Tips for NonProfitsIf you’re in charge of your school fundraiser or your nonprofit’s campaigns, you may not have time to stay on top of social media trends and changes. Learning the media’s best practices for tools like Facebook and Twitter take time but sometimes your nonprofit needs to get the word out now. If you don’t have time to research all of the ways you can use social media to help promote your nonprofit and your fundraising campaign, not to worry. We’ve rounded up these easy tips to help you use social media effectively (and in nearly no time at all!).

Read below for 5 easy social media tips for nonprofits.

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Successful Fundraisers Research the Market

Successful Fundraising Tips: Market ResearchThis past Fall, we asked our fundraiser chairpeople what worked (and what didn’t) in their school fundraiser. In an effort to help all upcoming fundraisers, we thought we’d share one idea that is easy to do with some planning ahead. Successful fundraisers research the market to avoid doing the same fundraiser as another school or group in the community.

When a community is saturated with the same fundraiser, sales will go down for all groups affected. When planning your next fundraiser, ask around the community to see what other groups and schools are planning for the year. Be sure to ask about the annual plan – you may want to run your fundraiser in Spring but that may change if another school is doing the same fundraiser only a couple months earlier.

Try to plan your fundraiser campaigns in advance so you have plenty of time to switch dates or swap out ideas for a later time if it may be affected by another group. The last thing you want to do is over saturate the market and diminish both your hard work and others’ work as well.

Today children and their parents are fundraising for their schools in addition to raising money for other groups. So it’s important to know what, where, when and how others are doing in fundraising. The last thing you want to do is duplicate the efforts of others and over saturate the community. You are only hurting each other. Some groups plan at least one year in advance so that they can coordinate fundraising efforts with neighboring teams, schools and other groups (church, scouts, etc.) who may be selling in the community at the same time.

Get Your PTA to Support Healthy Fundraising

Healthy Fundraisers - Get your PTO On BoardSchools across the country have made strides to support and promote healthy habits for their students. However fundraising is often left out of proposals or guidelines, no doubt in part because parents and parent organizations are often the ones planning the fundraiser. It is important to present healthy alternatives to your Parent Teacher Association or Organization (PTA/PTO) and here are some tips to making a persuasive argument to switch to healthier fundraiser options.

First off, be prepared to make a case. Change is hard and many parent volunteers may not want to switch from their current fundraiser campaign. Parents can be concerned about lost profits, working with a new fundraising consultant or learning a new strategy. It’s up to you to present a solid, convincing argument and here are some ideas to help you out!

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Top 3 Tips from Successful Fundraisers

Successful Fundraiser Tips, Mixed Bag DesignsThere are all types of fundraisers and some fare better than others. However when we polled our most successful fundraisers, we found that there were certain similarities found in the most successful fundraisers. Here are some helpful (and simple!) tips to make your fundraiser a success.

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Successful Fundraisers Reward the Early Birds

Fundraiser Tips - Prizes for Early SellersIf you’re starting up your winter fundraiser, you may be looking into ways to get your fundraiser going and get your sellers excited about participating. There are tons of creative ideas out there but today we wanted to focus on one tactic that has proven to help a lot of our school fundraisers across the country: rewarding those early turn ins with a special prize or privilege.

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Our New Elementary School Fundraiser Prize Video

Elementary school fundraiser video - Mixed Bag DesignsFor elementary school fundraisers, promoting the prize program is key to getting the kids excited about your fundraiser. Many school fundraisers use an assembly or kick-off video during morning announcements to get the fundraiser going and let the kids know what’s going on. Here is the Mixed Bag Designs promo video for elementary schools. Use this video to promote our 7-tiered prize program and to tell kids all about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!