Successful Fundraisers Reward the Early Birds

Fundraiser Tips - Prizes for Early SellersIf you’re starting up your winter fundraiser, you may be looking into ways to get your fundraiser going and get your sellers excited about participating. There are tons of creative ideas out there but today we wanted to focus on one tactic that has proven to help a lot of our school fundraisers across the country: rewarding those early turn ins with a special prize or privilege.

With school starting up again, you may want to kick your fundraiser off with a bang. Rewarding the “early birds” or the first sellers to turn in their orders is a great way to generate buzz at the start of a fundraiser. Deter sellers who collect one order and turn it in the following day by setting specific objectives and deadlines. For example, you could set a sales goal of $50 or $100 and the first two or three sellers to reach that goal by a certain deadline will receive a prize.

Don’t worry about spending a lot on prizes either! Effective (and free!) incentives for elementary school students include: extra recess time, free homework passes, first in line at lunch for a week, or bonus points on an upcoming assignment or quiz. School fundraiser organizers can work with the faculty and principal to create a competition between classes or grades. The first class or grade to reach a certain goal in the first two weeks of the fundraiser receives a pizza party or a pajama day at school.

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