Top 3 Tips from Successful Fundraisers

Successful Fundraiser Tips, Mixed Bag DesignsThere are all types of fundraisers and some fare better than others. However when we polled our most successful fundraisers, we found that there were certain similarities found in the most successful fundraisers. Here are some helpful (and simple!) tips to make your fundraiser a success.

1. Set a goal – Before you even get the fundraiser off the ground, this first step is essential in running a successful fundraiser. Are you raising funds for playground equipment? Updated technology? A class trip? Uniforms? Raising awareness? Whatever your end goal may be, it’s important to pin down a few (or even just one) main ideas and then use those throughout your fundraiser marketing. When you provide people with a cause and an end result, they are more likely to support your fundraiser.

2. Check the calendar – If you’re running a school fundraiser, you’ll want to make sure not to clash with testing schedules or holidays. If you’re running a team fundraiser, you may want to schedule it during a popular sporting season so there’s more chances to hit up a crowded game with your fundraising pitch. It’s also important to know what is going on in your community – you don’t want to plan your fundraiser at the same time as someone else’s and you definitely don’t want to do the same fundraiser as another group or school in your area. Ask around and check for dates to make sure your fundraiser starts in the right place.

3. Set a budget – Not only do successful fundraisers set a budget, they stick to it like glue. Setting a correct budget starts with a planning session and brainstorming with your volunteers. You’ll want to map out any upfront costs, transportation costs, catering, utilities and staff that may arise when planning a successful fundraiser event. Successful fundraisers plan ahead so they can set a proper goal that will cover their costs while providing substantial revenue to the organization.

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