Get Your PTA to Support Healthy Fundraising

Healthy Fundraisers - Get your PTO On BoardSchools across the country have made strides to support and promote healthy habits for their students. However fundraising is often left out of proposals or guidelines, no doubt in part because parents and parent organizations are often the ones planning the fundraiser. It is important to present healthy alternatives to your Parent Teacher Association or Organization (PTA/PTO) and here are some tips to making a persuasive argument to switch to healthier fundraiser options.

First off, be prepared to make a case. Change is hard and many parent volunteers may not want to switch from their current fundraiser campaign. Parents can be concerned about lost profits, working with a new fundraising consultant or learning a new strategy. It’s up to you to present a solid, convincing argument and here are some ideas to help you out!

Stay connected – Before you ask the organization to change, get involved and show that you’re a team player with the school and organization’s best interests at heart. People are much more likely to give you a chance if they have gotten to know you first.

Use the facts – Try not to get too personally involved with your mission by sticking to the facts. They will speak louder than your personal beliefs. Use local health stats, cite examples of healthy changes at your school or community and provide information on successful, healthy fundraising alternatives.

Walk the walk – Once you’ve made your case, stay true to what you propose and offer to organize or head the next fundraiser. You can start small with a walk-a-thon or go big with a reusable bag fundraiser that offers competitive profits similar to cookie dough and other food fundraisers.

Be persistent – You may not successfully change your PTA’s mind the first time around but stick with the organization and your campaign. Healthy fundraisers can round out a school’s campaign to instill healthy, long-lasting habits in students – but it may take some work to bringing that change to life.

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