Behind the Scenes: Mixed Bag Designs Catalog Shoot

We are currently shooting our previews for our Fall fundraiser catalog and having an absolute blast! Here’s a look behind the scenes at some outtakes and fun takes with our fabulous team. We are excited for all that’s coming for our fundraisers and we hope you like it too!




Successful fundraising tip: Thank You

Successful Fundraising Tips: Thank YouWant to know an easy way to pretty much guarantee that your fundraiser customers and supporters will keep coming back year after year? No, it’s not just having a quality product and well thought-out fundraising plan (though that certainly helps!), it’s a simple task that should be the final step in any fundraiser plan: sending a thank you.

Just as thank you notes are a long-accepted part of any event or when you receive a gift, fundraising thank yous are a fantastic way to acknowledge your donors and recognize their support. Thank yous are not exclusive to those who donated or purchased goods at your fundraiser, you should also send thank yous for your volunteers and your fundraiser team.

15 Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiser

Successful Fundraiser Tips - Mixed Bag DesignsWe often talk about fundraiser tips and how the planning before the fundraiser even starts is a key aspect to a successful fundraiser. However what happens when you’re a fundraising newbie and you’ve been asked to spearhead your child’s school fundraiser event? It’s a daunting task with a ton of to-dos but we are here to help you stay organized and on top of it. Here are 15 tips from experienced fundraiser 15 Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiserorganizers that will help even the least experienced fundraiser leader have a truly successful fundraiser.

15 Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiser

1. Invite people to join your fundraising team. You want to make sure you have a team of volunteers who are eager to help and want to be involved. You can create a task list and set up some preliminary meetings with your team to brainstorm and review what you want to accomplish in the fundraiser.

2. Set a fundraiser goal with your team. Brainstorm potential uses for the funds raised and try to nail down a final figure that you can use as the ultimate goal in your advertising and marketing.

3. Research potential fundraiser companies and events your group or school would like to do. Do they offer products or services that will reach your goal? Are they in line with your target audience? Will the product sell?

4. Review your community calendar. Are other schools or organizations running fundraisers at certain times? What events are they doing? You’ll want to make sure you don’t over-saturate the market and select a fundraiser event that is not scheduled for the same time as another school and also does not sell the same product or service. If you are selling something, you may want to check with the school and township to ask about any special regulations or requirements.

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