Mixed Bag Designs Sneak Peek for Football Fans

Football Fans Insulated Totes Mixed Bag Designs
Here’s a sneak peek at one of our product sets from the Mixed Bag Designs Fall Fundraiser collection. We think Alabama fans are going to pleasantly surprised with this insulated tote set that is game-day ready! Fundraiser sales will be through the roof with this football-friendly set of insulated totes that are perfect for game day!

Houndstooth is especially popular among our fundraisers in Alabama and we thought this game-friendly set of insulated totes would be the perfect match for a Saturday cheering on your favorite team this Fall! For those who may be unaware, the Houndstooth pattern has a special meaning to University of Alabama fans after their hall-of-fame coach Paul “Bear” Bryant wore his trademark houndstooth hat to every football game during his coaching tenure at the university in the ’70s. Just another reason to get pumped up about what’s in store this Fall fundraiser season!

Successful Fundraisers Promote With Emails

Successful fundraisers tips: Email Marketing

Need a boost to send your fundraiser sales over the top? There’s a simple way to get big results: email marketing and communication. Using email throughout a fundraiser campaign has been a key strategy for many successful fundraisers. Not only can you easily contact your parent list without delegating seemingly endless phone chains, you can keep everyone updated with just a click of a button.

Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers can use our professionally-designed emails throughout their fundraisers. You can use our recommended email blasts and timeline, or request a custom email to send to your contacts!

Here are some of the best email tips for successful fundraisers: Continue reading