Successful Fundraisers Promote With Emails

Successful fundraisers tips: Email Marketing

Need a boost to send your fundraiser sales over the top? There’s a simple way to get big results: email marketing and communication. Using email throughout a fundraiser campaign has been a key strategy for many successful fundraisers. Not only can you easily contact your parent list without delegating seemingly endless phone chains, you can keep everyone updated with just a click of a button.

Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers can use our professionally-designed emails throughout their fundraisers. You can use our recommended email blasts and timeline, or request a custom email to send to your contacts!

Here are some of the best email tips for successful fundraisers: 1. Make a list of contacts. The easiest way to tackle an email marketing strategy is to start with a list of contacts and encourage your volunteers to do the same. Organize these contacts in order of probability that they’ll support the fundraiser: you’ll want to keep a close eye on the “most likely” list to make sure each one makes a purchase or donation!

2. Keep the message personal. Be sure to include some personal details not only about why you’re fundraising – but try to personalize as many emails as you can. Including the recipient’s first name and a brief greeting can go a long way when asking for donations. If you’re pressed for time – simply aim to personalize emails sent to your “most likely to contribute” list.

3. Follow up with ways to support. Maybe you can’t get a catalog to everyone but can family and friends shop online to support your fundraiser? Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers send out emails at the start of the fundraiser campaign as well as halfway through reminding friends and family who may not participate in the catalog sale that they can shop online and donate a portion of their order automatically to the fundraiser. Those online sales add up quickly and are a simple way to really bring in profits!

4. Include images with a link. If you are using email as a call to action, be sure to include a link attached to an image as well as in the text of the email. Colorful and eye-catching images are a great way to focus your email – especially if you need people to click to go to a page on your fundraiser website or on your fundraiser store.

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