Reusable Bag Fundraiser Ideas for Church Groups

Reusable Bag Fundraiser DisplayReusable shopping bags and reusable bag fundraisers have been a huge hit in the church community. So why would a church group or religious organization want to use reusable grocery bags? Here are a few reasons how you can use reusable bag fundraisers to raise funds for your church, religious group or organization.

The Reusable Bag Fundraiser
Starting a reusable bag fundraiser campaign is a great idea for any church to make some extra funds. As with most churches cash may be tight and a bag fundraiser is an excellent way to bring in some extra cash. Our reusable bag catalog fundraiser offers up to 50% back on each purchase and the best part? These bags sell quickly so it’s an easy way to raise some much needed funds. In addition to the simple catalog fundraiser, we also have ideas on how you can incorporate the reusable bag theme into various fundraising campaigns.

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Successfully Promote Your Fundraiser

Successful Fundraisers - How To Promote Your FundraiserThere are a number of ways to successfully promote your fundraiser. There are so many possibilities available for you to choose from and to make the most of these strategies, one needs to identify and capitalize on the target market they intend to reach. The three most effective ways to promote a fundraiser are:

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Enter To Win Reusable Bags For Earth Day!

Earth Day Contest - Win Reusable Bags Mixed Bag DesignsStart celebrating Earth Day early! We are offering a contest for THREE winners to win four of our favorite reusable grocery bags in honor of Earth Day on April 22! It’s easy to enter – just go to our Facebook page, and “like” us to enter – then enter your email, share the contest and post about it to be eligible to win. We will notify our Earth Day contest winners by Friday, April 25, 2014. Happy Earth Day!

The Benefits of Reusable Bags

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags BenefitsReusable bags are quickly becoming a modern style must-have: they offer style and elegance yet are environmentally friendly as well. Reusable bags are appealing to any fashionista looking for a daily handbag, grocery bag or purse. A way to add style without endangering nature, eco-friendly reusable bags will most likely have one feeling more mindful of the materials and things you are utilizing. Trendy, affordable and solid, our reusable bags are all set to grasp a brighter ecological future.

Years are required for the decay of the typical one-use plastic bag and they have been linked to various ecological issues including flooding, polluting waterways and harming creatures and vegetation. Reduce your use of plastic bags by taking along a couple Mixed Bag Designs reusable bags in your purse or car. Our reusable bags are lightweight, versatile, and durable and designed for daily use, each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags. The larger totes can fold down to the size of a cafรฉ latte cup. The nylon reusable bags are lightweight and allow bags to be rolled up in a very compact package, which encourages people to carry the bag with them and increase re-use.

Since Mixed Bag Designs reusable bags are available to non-profits for fundraising purposes, they have become one of the most in-demand products and really boost profits for fundraising organizations.

Product Fundraising How-To Guide

Successful Product Fundraising TipsWhen opting for a fundraiser through product sale, you need to choose the product wisely according to the community you hold your fundraiser in. For school fundraisers, the more traditional product sales are: cookies, baked goods, gift coupons, candy, and gift items. Why not break the mold and offer an exciting new product that parents can actually use?

Successful fundraisers often depend on the quality of the product; if your product choice is dull and boring, no one would want to invest in it, which will result in the failure of your fundraiser. Reusable bags are a great way to spice up the ordinary bake sale. Surprise your parents with our colorful catalog of reusable bags, accessories, lunch sets, travel bags and more. You will be pleasantly surprised at how switching things up can really boost sales.

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Graduation Fundraising Ideas

Graduation Fundraiser Ideas - Mixed Bag DesignsGraduation is a huge event at the end of school and often requires much-needed funds for caps, gowns, yearbooks and other tokens that celebrate the end of high school. Keep your graduation fundraising ideas fresh with these fun ideas from Mixed Bag Designs. Add these ideas on to your reusable bag fundraiser for a successful graduation week of events!

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Celebrate Spring With Reusable Bags

Spring Reusable Bags Mixed Bag DesignsWhatโ€™s spring without the latest and hottest fashion trends filled with exciting new arrivals and ideas? Handbags are an essential part of any womanโ€™s daily look. A handbag is an important accessory and is useful for carrying things that you need. Mixed Bag Designs handbags go along with you almost everywhere that is why they ought to be classy and stylish, and most importantly they need to conform to the latest trends and colors.

Another important part of being trendy is realizing that the apparel you own preferably promotes an eco-friendly cause. The most talked-about trend in handbags is the idea of using reusable bags.

Handbags are a womanโ€™s personal possession carrier and these bags are not changed on a daily basis and may not be best for hauling groceries and big purchases. What’s great about a sturdy reusable bag is that it is trendy and stylish but also super durable and useful.

Being eco-friendly is not the only benefit that reusable bags provide. They can also be used as a helpful tool for fundraising. If reusable bags are a veritable trend that people are interested in purchasing, why not align it to a genuine cause? They will sell brilliantly and in return, it will greatly benefit a fundraiser cause.