Graduation Fundraising Ideas

Graduation Fundraiser Ideas - Mixed Bag DesignsGraduation is a huge event at the end of school and often requires much-needed funds for caps, gowns, yearbooks and other tokens that celebrate the end of high school. Keep your graduation fundraising ideas fresh with these fun ideas from Mixed Bag Designs. Add these ideas on to your reusable bag fundraiser for a successful graduation week of events!

Hold a class garage sale during graduation week or towards the end of school. Garage sales or rummage sales are a great way to bring the community together and also raise some extra money. Ask for donations from your class as well as community members. Charge an entrance fee and a booth fee for sellers. Set up a special booth at the entrance and exit to the garage sale to sell your reusable bags so people can use them to carry their new purchases.

Promote a restaurant fundraiser. A great way to reach out to your community in your fundraising efforts is by incorporating a local restaurant into an event. A restaurant can designate one night or day for your school fundraiser or group and a percentage of the profits will go to your organization during that time. You should promote this restaurant fundraiser all around town and let parents know they can enjoy a fun meal out on the town while also helping a great cause.

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