Product Fundraising How-To Guide

Successful Product Fundraising TipsWhen opting for a fundraiser through product sale, you need to choose the product wisely according to the community you hold your fundraiser in. For school fundraisers, the more traditional product sales are: cookies, baked goods, gift coupons, candy, and gift items. Why not break the mold and offer an exciting new product that parents can actually use?

Successful fundraisers often depend on the quality of the product; if your product choice is dull and boring, no one would want to invest in it, which will result in the failure of your fundraiser. Reusable bags are a great way to spice up the ordinary bake sale. Surprise your parents with our colorful catalog of reusable bags, accessories, lunch sets, travel bags and more. You will be pleasantly surprised at how switching things up can really boost sales.

Fundraising is not only about choosing the right product, but it also needs to have a proper team that can make those sales possible. No matter how good your product is, if it is easily available through order forms or booths then how will it sell? A successful fundraiser requires an efficient team which works throughout the process; from setting up the booth to delivering the product. The best option will be to get dedicated volunteers to work for you; this will save you a lot of time and money.

Setting up a sales booth at a school event or sports game is a rather effective way of boosting your fundraiser sales. The product you choose for a school fundraiser should be something that kids (and parents!) would love to buy.

Mixed Bag Designs offers colorful reusable bags for fundraisers. Our choice of product is great because we provide green, creative and affordable bags for fundraising. You can follow our path and choose a product which will generate maximum sales for your school fundraiser.

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