Successfully Promote Your Fundraiser

Successful Fundraisers - How To Promote Your FundraiserThere are a number of ways to successfully promote your fundraiser. There are so many possibilities available for you to choose from and to make the most of these strategies, one needs to identify and capitalize on the target market they intend to reach. The three most effective ways to promote a fundraiser are:

Conventional Advertising – These include the most traditional yet effective advertising strategies. A successful fundraising ad campaign should include a mix of the following. If you create an advertising mix including these, keeping in mind your target audience, you’ll definitely give your fundraising event a publicity boost!

  • Print ads in your local newspaper or community journal if available
  • Posters to hang in school hallways or at sports fields on game day
  • Flyers to hand out at school events or leave in the front office

Social Media & Online Promotions – Social media can be an easy and effective way to promote your event and remind people about the fundraiser. With just one click and one post, you can reach a lot of your contacts. Promote sharing the post so your contacts share with their friends and broaden your network. Post quick stories with photos and videos about your fundraising campaign each week. Make sure to include easy ways for people to participate! If you need them to sign up, link to the sign up page or document. If you want them to shop, make sure you include your fundraiser’s website address so people know right where to go!

Email Marketing – Email marketing is an tried and true technique for promoting your fundraiser. Send emails to your target audience, providing them with relevant information about your fundraiser and also show appreciation for their participation and interest to keep them motivated and engaged. These email messages can also be personalized for different target groups.

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