Reusable Bag Fundraiser Ideas for Church Groups

Reusable Bag Fundraiser DisplayReusable shopping bags and reusable bag fundraisers have been a huge hit in the church community. So why would a church group or religious organization want to use reusable grocery bags? Here are a few reasons how you can use reusable bag fundraisers to raise funds for your church, religious group or organization.

The Reusable Bag Fundraiser
Starting a reusable bag fundraiser campaign is a great idea for any church to make some extra funds. As with most churches cash may be tight and a bag fundraiser is an excellent way to bring in some extra cash. Our reusable bag catalog fundraiser offers up to 50% back on each purchase and the best part? These bags sell quickly so it’s an easy way to raise some much needed funds. In addition to the simple catalog fundraiser, we also have ideas on how you can incorporate the reusable bag theme into various fundraising campaigns.

  1. Host a community rummage with a ticket fee with all proceeds going towards your cause. Give out (or sell!) reusable bags for each attendee to use to carry all of their purchases.
  2. Bag auction. Collect donations from members of the church or from local businesses and fill each bag with an assortment of related items. For example, you might end up with bath product bags, makeup bags, craft supply bags, or even bags filled with baked goods. Once the bags are filled, auction off the bags to the congregation.
  3. Mystery bag sale. This is a fun take on the auction. Get some zip totes or reusable bags that close and put a prize in each bag – but don’t let people see what’s in the bags! Post a list of some of the best prizes so people know they have a chance of getting something good. Let them pick up the bags to test the weight if you want, but don’t let them peek! Then auction off the bags, with all proceeds going to your church fundraiser.
  4. Bake sale bags. Hosting a bake sale or selling treats at a local event? Make sure to sell small reusable bags alongside your treats to people will have a fun (and eco-friendly) bag to take their goodies home in.

Reusable bag fundraisers offer a variety of ways to raise money for churches and religious groups (as well as any other organization). If you use your imagination, you might even be able to come up with a few more ideas of your own. You’ll have the money for that special church project in no time!

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