Teacher Appreciation: Our Favorite Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week - Mixed Bag DesignsTeacher Appreciation Week kicks off today and runs for the rest of the week. Although teacher appreciation often extends beyond just this week, we wanted to celebrate today by remembering some of our favorite teachers. Here are some reflections on those special teachers from the Mixed Bag Designs team. Thank you to all of our educators and teachers across the country – we appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make even the boring topics seem interesting and most of all we appreciate how much you have taught us and let us grow!

“My absolute favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Ms. Dautel. She was awesome because she really made learning fun. She never dressed like an adult, but she commanded so much respect. Our class won every contest because she was so imaginative. She had a contest where the top 4 students with the highest grades would be able to come to her house. She was coordinating a party for the students. I ended up being one. It was SO AWESOME…I miss Mrs. Karen Dautel.” – Chartate, in-house sales

“Rachel and I were home schooled, so our mom was actually our teacher. I remember her teaching me how to read and how to hold a pencil to write my name when I was very young – no easy task considering that I am a lefty and she is right-handed! Looking back, Rachel and I both have nothing but love and appreciation for our mom/teacher – she always put in so much care and effort to make sure she gave us the best education that she was able to.” – Sarah & Rachel, customer service

“My favorite teacher goes back to the impressionable year of 3rd grade. Tiny Mrs. Volkoff, (maybe 4’8” tops) became bigger than life as she read chapters from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to our class every day after lunch as a treat. She gave each character their own vocalization, bringing the stories to life and truly inspired my love of reading to this day. I still smile when I think of her.” – Ellen, account rep

“One of my favorite teachers was my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Donna Stein. She had a passionate, fiery personality that lit up the classroom and made school fun and exciting. She thrived on creative projects and inspired each of us (even at just 8 years old!) to think outside the box and expand our creative limits. My most favorite memory of her class was our end-of-year play that we put together and performed in front of the whole school. Ms. Stein always promoted theatrics and gave us such confidence; it is thanks to her that I do not have a fear of public speaking today!” – Amy, marketing

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