Spring Fundraiser Ideas for Elementary School

Spring Fundraiser Ideas - Mixed Bag Designs School FundraisersSpring is a time of the year when school activities are at its peak. Sports events are planned, end of year fairs and parties are scheduled, and there’s a general buzz about school. These events serve as a great platform for an elementary school fundraising event. Elementary school fundraising events should be creative and fun so that kids can enjoy it and raise funds for a good cause.

Mixed Bag Designs has helped hundreds of successful fundraisers through their reusable bag fundraiser. Our purpose was to create a fun idea with a quality product to help raise funds for honorable causes. However we understand you can’t always pass out a catalog and expect the sales to come pouring in – you often have to put in some extra legwork and add some creativity to your fundraising campaign. Why not take advantage of the Spring buzz and add some extra fun to your fundraiser? Use these spring fundraiser ideas to help promote your next event!

Car Wash – The car wash is a classic fundraising event and perfect for those warmer spring weekends. Post ads on your town website and hang flyers all around town to help get the word out. Set up a booth at your car wash station to sell reusable bags to everyone who is waiting for their car to be washed – you’ll get double exposure to two fundraising events and can also attract people to purchase a bag that may not have known about the fundraiser!

Litter-less Lunch Sale – At an upcoming sports tournament, fair or event, sell reusable bag lunch packs for an extra fundraising punch! Have volunteers pack the lunches – a great way to keep costs low is by inviting kitchen-savvy parents to help cook or prepare salads/sandwiches that morning. Sell the packs and have catalogs on hand at your booth or table so people can place additional orders if they like what they see!

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