Mixed Bag Designs and Habitat For Humanity San Francisco

Mixed Bag Designs Habitat for Humanity San FranciscoThis past Thursday the Mixed Bag Designs team had the pleasure of working with Habitat for Humanity San Francisco and helped to build a series of 28 homes in the city. Our team scaled the scaffolding to help with siding, roofing, painting and more. Others assisted the Habitat team with foundations for patios and back entrances. All in all it was a great day filled with hard work and we are very thankful to the Habitat for Humanity team in San Francisco for allowing us to be a part of their project.

If you’d like to learn more about Habitat for Humanity, visit http://www.habitat.org.

Mixed Bag Designs Volunteer Habitat For Humanity  Mixed Bag Designs Habitat For HumanityHabitat for Humanity San Francisco: Mixed Bag Designs TeamHabitat for Humanity San Francisco, Mixed Bag Designs  Mixed Bag Designs Habitat For Humanity San Francisco Habitat for Humantiy San Francisco - Mixed Bag Designs Team Habitat for Humanity Mixed Bag Designs San Francisco

Mixed Bag Designs Gives: An Orphan Smiles


As you know, Mixed Bag Designs loves helping others through the fundraising business, but we realize that’s only a brief chapter in their overall story. We often donate our bags to organizations to help them with their various causes. Here is one of them:

An Orphan Smiles is an organization dedicated to improving the social, educational and physical welfare of orphans in the Ukraine. They work with school-age children and teenagers aging out of the orphanage system (which happens at age 16). An Orphan Smiles supports three orphanages in different areas of the Ukraine that house and teach a variety of children, many of whom have physical or mental disabilities.

Mixed Bag Designs donated a variety of products to the boys and girls at these orphanages to brighten their day! If you are interested in donating to An Orphan Smiles, click here. Are you seeking a donation for your cause? We are happy to donate bags to as many causes and organizations as we can! If you would like to request a donation, please fill out Our Donation Request Form and send it to donations@mixedbagdesigns.com, and include “Donation” in the subject line of the email. Thanks!

Keeping your Reusable Bags Clean

howtocleanbagsSo you’re in the habit of using reusable bags. That’s wonderful! Using sustainable, eco-friendly totes is fantastic, but many people don’t consider the potentially germy repercussions. Combating plastic overuse is commendable, but if you don’t clean your reusable totes, you’re increasing your risk for exposure to bacteria, mold and cross-contaminated products. Here are some ways to keep your reusable bags clean and safe:

  • Color-code: Keep meat and fish products in their own bag, separate from produce. Obviously this bag is more likely to carry bacteria when used often, and if you use the same one regularly for meat products, you’ll remember to take extra care to clean it!
  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Bacteria loves dark, moist areas, so the more fresh air and space your bags have to breathe, the cleaner they’ll be!
  • Wipe Down: Get in the habit of wiping down your recycled poly-woven plastic totes after every use (particularly when carrying produce or meat). Use either mild soapy water on a damp cloth or natural cleaners like Method or Mrs. Meyer’s. Or, you could even make your own! Leave bags out to thoroughly dry before storing them. For cotton or nylon bags, simply throw them in the wash!
  • For a Deep Clean: Let recycled plastic bags soak for 15 minutes in hot water with 2 teaspoons dish washing liquid and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, then air dry!

Below, Melissa with Clean My Space explains more about cleaning reusable bags!

Top Five Tips for Fundraising Success

blogpicwithborderMixed Bag Designs knows a lot about fundraising. Here are some great fundraising tips to help you make the most of your fundraiser!

  • Start Early: Discuss ideas and build awareness for your fundraiser two to three months in advance. Since many fundraising opportunities involve events (such as a bake sale, barbeque or carnival), it’s important to lay out how much initial money is needed to get the fundraising events up and running, and how many volunteers will be necessary.
  • Be Concise: Use bullet points to lay out why you need funds, and the steps one has to go through to donate. People don’t like reading huge blocks of text or run-on sentences. Keep it brief and to the point to keep potential donors’ interest!
  • Make it Personal: Why is this cause important to you? Why should they donate to your cause over another? Consider using pictures and video to add a personal touch to your project. A minute long video summarizing your fundraiser, and full of the passionate people involved, can be very influential!
  • Explain how Donations Will Make a Difference: People are reluctant to donate if they don’t know how their money will be used. Even if your fundraiser is for something general (like for a school) what types of projects will the funds go towards? Or what has past fundraiser money gone to? People love examples, and seeing that their money could help build a school community garden is much more encouraging than if no potential projects are listed.
  • Be Persistent (and Gracious!): People are very busy, and sometimes need a couple of reminders about your fundraiser. Start by emailing your closest contacts who are likely to donate, and then email those in your larger network. Don’t be afraid to follow up with them! If someone shows no interest, no need to push it, but many times people just need a little reminder. And make sure to share your cause on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to spread even more awareness. Lastly, make sure you THANK everyone who donates, no matter what amount! Showing your gratitude is very important, and will make your network even more likely to help out with future fundraising endeavors.

Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs is easy, and we offer hundreds of great, affordable products people love! For information on how to get started, visit our website!


Fundraising Spotlight: Ashley Glynn

fundraising spotlightAshley Glynn is 10 years old and attends First State Gymnastics in Newark, Delaware, and she is part of a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser. She is a level 7 gymnast, and her gym is fundraising to help the girls attend meets and also support them when they attend the National Gymnastics Training Center (coached by Valeri Liukin, gymnast Nastia Liukin’s dad). Ashley’s goal is to make the National Team and be in the Olympics! Some of the places Ashley’s team travels are to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Florida as well as local Delaware meets. Her Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser ends June 20th, so wish her luck or even shop to support today! Go Ashley, and here’s hoping you receive all perfect 10s!

Successful Fundraiser Plans: Volunteer Tips

Successful Fundraiser Tips - Mixed Bag Designs FundraisersWhen it comes to successful fundraisers, smart planning ensures the best outcomes. Many fundraiser organizers don’t realize the importance of some little but extremely important things. One of which is the volunteer plan. Volunteers play a significant part in the success of an event, especially when it comes to fundraising. Most organizations don’t want to hire a team and instead opt for dedicated volunteers who’d work hard to manage the fundraising event. Continue reading

Fundraising Fan Photo

Fundraiser Fan Photo - Mixed Bag DesignsWe love this Instagram photo from @mrslaneylou featuring the Mixed Bag Designs Aqua Floral scarf. Living colorfully indeed! Tag your photos with #mixedbags or #mixedbagdesigns for your chance to be featured on our website!