Top Five Tips for Fundraising Success

blogpicwithborderMixed Bag Designs knows a lot about fundraising. Here are some great fundraising tips to help you make the most of your fundraiser!

  • Start Early: Discuss ideas and build awareness for your fundraiser two to three months in advance. Since many fundraising opportunities involve events (such as a bake sale, barbeque or carnival), it’s important to lay out how much initial money is needed to get the fundraising events up and running, and how many volunteers will be necessary.
  • Be Concise: Use bullet points to lay out why you need funds, and the steps one has to go through to donate. People don’t like reading huge blocks of text or run-on sentences. Keep it brief and to the point to keep potential donors’ interest!
  • Make it Personal: Why is this cause important to you? Why should they donate to your cause over another? Consider using pictures and video to add a personal touch to your project. A minute long video summarizing your fundraiser, and full of the passionate people involved, can be very influential!
  • Explain how Donations Will Make a Difference: People are reluctant to donate if they don’t know how their money will be used. Even if your fundraiser is for something general (like for a school) what types of projects will the funds go towards? Or what has past fundraiser money gone to? People love examples, and seeing that their money could help build a school community garden is much more encouraging than if no potential projects are listed.
  • Be Persistent (and Gracious!): People are very busy, and sometimes need a couple of reminders about your fundraiser. Start by emailing your closest contacts who are likely to donate, and then email those in your larger network. Don’t be afraid to follow up with them! If someone shows no interest, no need to push it, but many times people just need a little reminder. And make sure to share your cause on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to spread even more awareness. Lastly, make sure you THANK everyone who donates, no matter what amount! Showing your gratitude is very important, and will make your network even more likely to help out with future fundraising endeavors.

Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs is easy, and we offer hundreds of great, affordable products people love! For information on how to get started, visit our website!


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