Mixed Bag Designs Gives: An Orphan Smiles


As you know, Mixed Bag Designs loves helping others through the fundraising business, but we realize that’s only a brief chapter in their overall story. We often donate our bags to organizations to help them with their various causes. Here is one of them:

An Orphan Smiles is an organization dedicated to improving the social, educational and physical welfare of orphans in the Ukraine. They work with school-age children and teenagers aging out of the orphanage system (which happens at age 16). An Orphan Smiles supports three orphanages in different areas of the Ukraine that house and teach a variety of children, many of whom have physical or mental disabilities.

Mixed Bag Designs donated a variety of products to the boys and girls at these orphanages to brighten their day! If you are interested in donating to An Orphan Smiles, click here. Are you seeking a donation for your cause? We are happy to donate bags to as many causes and organizations as we can! If you would like to request a donation, please fill out Our Donation Request Form and send it to donations@mixedbagdesigns.com, and include “Donation” in the subject line of the email. Thanks!

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