Why Fundraise With Mixed Bag Designs?

Fall Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs

  1. Earn up to 50% profit with a Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser! We have flexible options, including catalog fundraisers (up to 50% profit), online only fundraisers (40% profit), and even a catalog fundraiser program where we put in all your orders for you!
  2. Our easy-to-sell, affordable products are pretty and practical, and appeal to a wide audience.
  3. Low seller requirements to reach full profit potential—just $7 per catalog!
  4. Easy online ordering for parents and chairperson, or our fundraising team can enter your orders for you.
  5. Orders sorted and packed per seller in separate bags, making distribution easier than ever.
  6. Free shipping on your main order!
  7. Tons of free resources for fundraisers on the Promotion Zone section of our website, including: posters, cover letters, banners, web graphics, email copy, and more!
  8. Our recyclable, green products are BPA, phthalate and lead free, making eco-friendly living attainable for all.
  9. With new patterns every season and a product selection that’s always expanding, we keep fundraising with us fresh year after year.
  10. Proven success: “Our school will be doing its 6th Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser in 3 years! Our sales have grown with each fundraiser. In fact, our sales have increased so much we now use Mixed Bags as our primary Fall fundraiser. The reason for our success is the diversity of your catalog each season. The mix of new products and new patterns and keeping favorites is a WINNING combo!” —a Maryland elementary school

Go Green with Reusable Bags!

Reusable Bags from Mixed Bag DesignsNowadays, “going green” is not just a fashion statement; It’s becoming a necessity to reduce our carbon footprint, and to start being more conscientious about using up our world’s non-renewable resources! While recycling is always a great way to go green, very few traditional plastic grocery bags are actually recyclable. Most plastic bags end up in harmful situations—sea animals mistakenly try to eat them, or they end up buried in landfills where they will never biodegrade. In addition, plastics leach harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A or phthalate, and take a large amount of petroleum to produce. Instead of using up plastic bags that can harm the environment, or paper bags made from the world’s precious trees, buy a few reusable, sustainable reusable bags from Mixed Bag Designs!

A growing number of countries around the world have outlawed plastic bags due to their harmful effects on the environment. This interactive map shows all locations that ban plastic bags or impose a fee for using them. In some places, plastic grocery bags are illegal, and paper bags are only given out for a fee. At 10 cents a bag, the fees can really add up after a year or more of grocery shopping! Reusable bags are not only better for the environment, but an affordable way to beat the paper bag fees that are in effect in many different places. In fact, some grocery store will even give you a discount for using a reusable bag! Buying Mixed Bag Designs reusable bags will last much longer than just a year, and with all of our fun patterns and prints, who wouldn’t want to shop in style? Over your lifetime, if you start to B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bag), it will save over 22,000 plastic bags from entering landfills and polluting the world.

Make an impact on the environment this fall by purchasing reusable bags from Mixed Bag Designs! Reducing your carbon footprint is the first step towards a better, healthier, sustainable world. Your Earth will thank you!

Fall Fashion Trend: Mad for Plaid

Mixed Bag DesignsWhether you’re participating in a fundraiser or buying products for your home, our fresh styles are sure to please. We’ve added all new prints to our collection, and this season’s trends have something for everyone!

Get ready to be pretty in plaid! Make a bold statement with our large selection of bright plaid products, from luggage, to reusable bags, and even food storage! Our plaid bags are the perfect combination of function and style. Plaid accessories are a must-have for every woman’s collection, so why not take a few home? And it’s not just a pattern for you – grab one of our insulated lunch bags too for the kids to take to school!

Cool colors are also trending this fall, especially as the weather starts to cool down. We have a large selection of deep blue, green, and purple patterns, just in time for the new season! Shop online or look through our virtual catalog too see our full selection of Fall products. Happy shopping!

Sign Up for a Fall Fundraiser by 7/31 for a $50 Bonus!

fall14-july31-emailsClick here for more information, or to sign up for a fun, simple and profitable Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!

Seven Tips for Planning Ahead for Fundraisers

How to Plan Ahead for FundraisersBelieve it or not, school starts in a month! Even though there is still plenty of time to soak up the sun and enjoy summertime, it’s smart to plan ahead for your fall fundraiser. Below are seven fundraising steps that are best planned early to ensure a successful fundraiser!

  1. Decide fundraising dates: Make sure everyone is on board with fundraising dates, including school administration. The sooner your time frame is set in stone, the sooner you can spread the word! Try to find out when other school fundraisers are occurring so you can avoid competition.
  2. Set a fundraising goal: Go through the budget and determine what projects the school would like to complete this year. Set a challenging but realistic goal that will motivate the student body to sell!
  3. Lay out what funds will be used for: People are much more likely to donate if they clearly know what the money is going to. Create a flyer that lists what money will be allocated to, and make sure to give plenty of copies to students to hand out to potential donors.
  4. Start finding volunteers: The more hands you have on deck the better! Whether it’s to help with posting flyers around the school, coordinate pep rallies or check in with homerooms, volunteers make a huge difference.
  5. Brainstorm fundraising incentives: Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers have a prize program, but there are tons of other rewards you can offer your students and staff for selling; pizza parties, dress up days, extra recess and more!
  6. Create a marketing strategy: How will you remind people about the fundraiser? Emails? A Phone chain? Flyers? Keep the fundraising time frame in mind, and determine how and when you will send out reminders about due dates for orders.
  7. Decide how you will track progress: Knowing how close your school is to reaching it’s goal will help encourage students to keep selling! Decide if homeroom teachers will record their class’s amount raised, and who will add up totals along the way to keep track the school’s proximity to their ultimate goal.

Fundraisers can be overwhelming at times, but not if you plan ahead! Remember these fundraising tips, and if you’d like more advice check out the Mixed Bag Designs website!

Why You Should Use Reusable Bags

use reusable bagsOur world is obsessed with single-use plastic—plastic bags, microwavable meal containers, and plastic bottles are used daily by millions, without giving a thought to what happens to all that plastic. 100 million tons of plastic are manufactured every year for products that are used for less than five minutes. The United States alone generated 32 million tons of plastic in 2012, with only 9% recycled. That means 91% of that 32 million tons (or 64 billion pounds) sits in landfills and pollutes our earth and oceans, and that’s just what was generated by one country in one year.

Plastics don’t biodegrade no matter how long they sit; they photodegrade, which requires lots of light—which there isn’t any of when plastic is buried in landfills. Even if photodegradation is possible, like a stray bag floating in the ocean, it leeches harmful chemicals into the water, hurting marine life, and eventually reaching humans. Floating plastic islands the size of Texas are in our oceans, putting animals at risk and disturbing the ecosystem. Fish, birds, whales, turtles and hundreds more are at risk of plastic ingestion and entanglement. Plastic can often be mistaken for food, and when eaten, blocks the animals digestion.

How can we help solve this big and far-reaching problem? Make small life changes and spread the word to others about the severity of the plastic epidemic. A huge source of plastic overuse is using plastic grocery bags—the average American goes through 500 per year, and if everyone in the U.S. tied their annual consumption of plastic bags together in a giant chain, it would circle the Earth’s equator 776 times! Chico Bags has a great education tool to demonstrate just how much the average 500 bags a year is—The Bag Monster! Share this humorous and sobering creature to educate others about the plastic problem.

To help combat plastic overuse, simply start using reusable bags like the totes offered by Mixed Bag Designs. They hold a whopping 50 pounds, and are made out of recycled materials. Get in the habit of keeping multiple totes in your car, as forgetting to bring bags to the store is common when adjusting your lifestyle. The problem is big, but if everyone brought their own bag it would cut down plastic pollution tremendously. Over a lifetime, use of reusable bags by just one person (you!) will save over 22,000 plastic bags.

Sources: Pucci Foods Blog,
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4th of July Sale: Free Shipping on Orders Over $50!

Mixed Bag Designs saleHappy 4th of July! We’re adding one more reason to celebrate Independence Day weekend: free shipping on orders over $50! Shop our newly released Fall 2014 collection all weekend long to save on shipping. Let freedom ring, and shop on!