Seven Tips for Planning Ahead for Fundraisers

How to Plan Ahead for FundraisersBelieve it or not, school starts in a month! Even though there is still plenty of time to soak up the sun and enjoy summertime, it’s smart to plan ahead for your fall fundraiser. Below are seven fundraising steps that are best planned early to ensure a successful fundraiser!

  1. Decide fundraising dates: Make sure everyone is on board with fundraising dates, including school administration. The sooner your time frame is set in stone, the sooner you can spread the word! Try to find out when other school fundraisers are occurring so you can avoid competition.
  2. Set a fundraising goal: Go through the budget and determine what projects the school would like to complete this year. Set a challenging but realistic goal that will motivate the student body to sell!
  3. Lay out what funds will be used for: People are much more likely to donate if they clearly know what the money is going to. Create a flyer that lists what money will be allocated to, and make sure to give plenty of copies to students to hand out to potential donors.
  4. Start finding volunteers: The more hands you have on deck the better! Whether it’s to help with posting flyers around the school, coordinate pep rallies or check in with homerooms, volunteers make a huge difference.
  5. Brainstorm fundraising incentives: Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers have a prize program, but there are tons of other rewards you can offer your students and staff for selling; pizza parties, dress up days, extra recess and more!
  6. Create a marketing strategy: How will you remind people about the fundraiser? Emails? A Phone chain? Flyers? Keep the fundraising time frame in mind, and determine how and when you will send out reminders about due dates for orders.
  7. Decide how you will track progress: Knowing how close your school is to reaching it’s goal will help encourage students to keep selling! Decide if homeroom teachers will record their class’s amount raised, and who will add up totals along the way to keep track the school’s proximity to their ultimate goal.

Fundraisers can be overwhelming at times, but not if you plan ahead! Remember these fundraising tips, and if you’d like more advice check out the Mixed Bag Designs website!

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