Why Fundraise With Mixed Bag Designs?

Fall Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs

  1. Earn up to 50% profit with a Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser! We have flexible options, including catalog fundraisers (up to 50% profit), online only fundraisers (40% profit), and even a catalog fundraiser program where we put in all your orders for you!
  2. Our easy-to-sell, affordable products are pretty and practical, and appeal to a wide audience.
  3. Low seller requirements to reach full profit potential—just $7 per catalog!
  4. Easy online ordering for parents and chairperson, or our fundraising team can enter your orders for you.
  5. Orders sorted and packed per seller in separate bags, making distribution easier than ever.
  6. Free shipping on your main order!
  7. Tons of free resources for fundraisers on the Promotion Zone section of our website, including: posters, cover letters, banners, web graphics, email copy, and more!
  8. Our recyclable, green products are BPA, phthalate and lead free, making eco-friendly living attainable for all.
  9. With new patterns every season and a product selection that’s always expanding, we keep fundraising with us fresh year after year.
  10. Proven success: “Our school will be doing its 6th Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser in 3 years! Our sales have grown with each fundraiser. In fact, our sales have increased so much we now use Mixed Bags as our primary Fall fundraiser. The reason for our success is the diversity of your catalog each season. The mix of new products and new patterns and keeping favorites is a WINNING combo!” —a Maryland elementary school

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