Reusable Bags: A Healthy Fundraising Option

On July 1st, a new law went into effect about school fundraisers and bake sales. As a part of the Healthy Hungry-Free Kids Act, federal regulations now require any food sold in school as a part of a fundraiser to meet very specific nutritional requirements. As our country progresses closer towards healthy school lunches and fundraising snacks, a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser remains a great option for schools across the country!

How to Set Up Great Fall Fundraiser Displays

Everyone loves Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers because people can use our practical reusable bags, storage products and more in their daily lives. Flipping through the catalog gives fundraiser supporters a good sense of the products, but sales are even higher when they see the products in person. Seeing size, material and color in person can make quite an impact on someone who is on the fence about buying—especially if the items are in a terrific display!