How to Set Up Great Fall Fundraiser Displays

Fundraiser Display TipsEveryone loves Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers because people can use our practical reusable bags, storage products and more in their daily lives. Flipping through the catalog gives fundraiser supporters a good sense of the products, but sales are even higher when they see the products in person. Seeing size, material and color in person can make quite an impact on someone who is on the fence about buying—especially if the items are in a terrific display!Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Displays:

  • Put your display in the front hall or pick-up zone for maximum visibility.
  • Use risers to stagger the bags, making it easier to see each product. Small boxes or plastic containers make great risers
  • Take advantage of all the free posters and banners in Mixed Bag Designs’ Promotion Zone! Hang posters on the wall behind the display, leave out flyers for kids to bring home, and keep a stack of catalogs available on the table.
  • Stuff bags with stuffing, air pillows (used for shipping), or even some clothes or toys to fill bags out. Seeing how much certain bags can hold also gives fundraiser supporters a better idea how they would use the bags themselves.
  • Some bags look best when they are hanging, such as our Foldable Grocery Bags. Use Command Adhesive Hooks to hang them on the wall, or peg them on a bulletin board behind the display.
  • Keep products organized by color or style if you’d like to add more order to your display, as opposed to bag placement based on aesthetics.
  • Add accents like flowers or stands to hold up the bags!Fall14_displayof10

Mixed Bag Designs Fall Fundraising poster Mixed Bag Designs Fall Fundraising Poster


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