10 Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser!

Tips from Mixed Bag DesignsOne of the most important parts of any successful fundraiser is getting the word out! Because so much goes into planning and preparing for a fundraiser, it’s easy to forget to let people know about it. Not to worry though, below are 10 easy ways to raise awareness about your fundraiser and to let everyone know about Mixed Bag Designs!

  1. Social Media: In today’s modern world, social media is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get in touch with others, and inform people of what happens in our day to day lives. Using social media to promote your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is a great way to draw attention to the event! Consider making a Facebook page, or using Twitter to let people know what the fundraiser is all about. Check out our free downloadable social media graphics you can also use to promote your fundraiser.
  2. School Paper: If your school or organization has its own website or school newspaper, then what better way to inform families about the fundraiser than there? Put information about the fundraiser in the newspaper or on your homepage, and you can even put a link to the Mixed Bag Designs website and online catalog!
  3. Promo Video: A great way to get sellers engaged is by making a short promotional video about Mixed Bag Designs. One great idea is to hold a school contest to create the best promotional video for your fundraising event, and then feature the winning film on your website, on YouTube, or at a school assembly!
  4. Post Flyers: Another idea is to create flyers about your fundraiser and post them in high traffic areas. These flyers can go up and around your school, or even in your local town or city. Make sure the flyer catches the attention of people passing by—bright colors and helpful pictures are a great way to go! We have free promotional posters available on our website!
  5. Promote the Bags: When telling people about your fundraiser, it’s important that both sellers and buyers know the value of the product. Talk about all the different bags and goodies Mixed Bag Designs offers, and their many different uses. Our reusable bags are great for grocery shopping, and our foodies are great for school lunches!
  6. Track Progress: Be sure to keep all fundraiser participants updated on your progress. One great idea is keeping a chart of your fundraising goal and your progress towards it. You can also provide pictures of some of your favorite Mixed Bag Designs products, or of students who successfully met their own personal goals. The options are endless!
  7. QR Codes: If you decide to make flyers or a webpage about it, get people to view your site with a QR code! QR codes can be printed out and posted just about anywhere, and when someone scans one with their phone or tablet, the are taken right to your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser webpage!
  8. Provide Samples: A great way to promote sales is by providing sample bags and other products from Mixed Bag Designs. When people see the bags in person, they’ll know just what to expect when they place their order. Keep some sample bags where people can come and check them out!
  9. Local Businesses: Contact local businesses to see if they would be willing to advertise your fundraiser in their store or restaurant, or even purchase some Mixed Bag Designs products. It’s also possible to make a school field trip of visiting local shops to put up flyers, QR codes, and other great advertisements for your fundraiser!
  10. Make it Personal: Communicate with the fundraiser participants, both buyers and sellers! Make sure to be encouraging and positive, and keep everyone updated on your progress. Make sure each person is motivated to reach their own personal fundraising goal!

If you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of the new school year with hardly any time to promote your Mixed Bags Designs fundraiser, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered! By following these steps your fundraiser will be up and running in no time. Best of luck to you, and have a great fall fundraising season!

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