Keeping Your Fundraiser Audience Informed

Fundraising TipsOne of the best ways to keep you school engaged and excited for your fundraiser is to keep everyone informed! The more that people know about the fundraiser, the more they will want to participate. Check out these three simple ways to keep sellers and buyers informed about your school fundraiser!

  1. Share your fundraising goals – Whether you’ve set individual selling goals for each student, or an overall school goal, make sure that these fundraising goals are known! Be sure to set a reasonable but challenging goal that all of the sellers can work towards. For example, your goal may be for the whole school to raise $1000, or for each student to sell 5 bags. State your goals in flyers, posters, P.A. announcements and email blasts so everyone is on board.
  2. Make dates and deadlines clear – It’s important to have a set schedule for your fundraiser. Determine start date and end dates for your fundraiser, but don’t stop there! Creating mini-deadlines is a great way to motivate students to sell. Add silly and fun fundraiser incentives to the mix, and your fundraiser will be up and running before you know it. One example of a motivational mid-fundraiser deadline is deciding that if the school raises $500 in the first three weeks, the principal will shave his head! No matter what deadlines and time frames you set, make sure those are clearly listed in fundraiser materials and emails. Also, consider making a fundraiser countdown on the black board so students see every day how much time remains to sell.
  3. Broadcast planned uses for raised funds – Perhaps the most important piece of information to share with buyers and sellers is what uses the school will put the fundraising money towards. Perhaps the funds will be used to create a school garden, or to provide new text books for the students. Anything goes – just be sure to broadcast this information! When people know where their money is going, they are much more likely to contribute to your fundraiser. Hosting a fundraiser kick-off rally or setting up a fundraising product  are great ways to excite the student body and inform everyone of your cause!

Keeping an informed audience is a huge part of a successful fundraiser. We hope these tips will help you on your way! Click here to find out more about getting started with a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!

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