5 Best Fundraising Incentives for Students!

5 Best Fundrasing Incentives from Mixed Bag DesignsIt’s back to school time, and as many parents know, fall is a popular time for fundraisers. Successful school fundraisers require much time and persistence. Some extroverted children love showing off their fundraising catalogs to friends and family, while introverted children may find that more challenging. While school fundraisers are a great opportunity for children to reach outside their comfort zone and learn about networking and face-to-face interaction, incentives are an excellent way to boost fundraising profits. Mixed Bag Designs offers prize incentive programs to excite kids about fundraising, but there are many other methods of revving up your student body to reach your fundraising goal.

  1. Launch the Fundraiser with a Pep Rally: Kids with super school spirit will want to raise money for their school! Give a short presentation that explains the fundraiser so everyone is clear from the get-go. Then, break out the school mascot, band, cheerleaders or a school cheer to excite the student body!
  2. Get the Principal and Staff involved: Encourage the Principal or Staff to offer to do something funny as a reward for the school reaching the fundraising goal. Examples include: dying their hair a crazy color for a day, silly stringing the Principal, wearing a goofy outfit, or taking a pie to the face!
  3. Pizza Party: What kid doesn’t love pizza?! For students that make goal, invite them to a pizza lunch, hosted either at school or off-site. Kids clamor for a chance for special treats, and pizza is a relatively affordable way to make your fundraising rock stars feel rewarded!
  4. Pajama or Crazy Dress Day: Students love the chance to dress different for a day—particularly if your school requires uniforms. Give students who reach their fundraising goal a coupon for a pajama or crazy dress day, or if the whole school reaches the total fundraising goal, pick a day for everyone to dress out of the ordinary! Even better, this is a 100% free incentive kids (and teachers!) are sure to love.
  5. Movie and Popcorn Party: Reserve part of an afternoon for a movie and popcorn party for students who reach goal, or for the whole school if total goal is made. Project a movie in the gym, and pop popcorn for everyone to enjoy. A leisurely afternoon with entertainment and treats goes a long way; this easy incentive will excite the student body!

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