5 Tips for Tracking Your Fundraising Progress

Fundraising ProgressStudies show that the closer you get towards your school’s fundraising goals, the more likely other are to want to contribute! One of the very best ways to motivate people to participate in your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is to keep track of your progress, and publicize it for all fundraiser participants to see. Here are five creative ways to track your fundraising progress:

  1. Consider making a weekly chart that shows how many bags have been sold, or how much money your school has raised compared to the ultimate goal. Making a visual graph can be a great motivator for students to keep on selling!
  2. Start friendly competition by tracking individual homerooms’  fundraising levels. Announce which homerooms are in the lead during P.A. announcements, and offer small incentives to the biggest earners!
  3. Visually represent funds raised by coloring in a big thermometer with dollar amounts, with the total goal at the top. Keep this ongoing poster somewhere prominent, like a busy hallway, a bulletin board or cafeteria.
  4. Create a fundraising road map! and instead of destinations, list what can be accomplished based on amount raised. Example: $500=new school garden, $1200=garden + new gym equipment, $2000=garden + gym equipment + new art supplies. Seeing how many things can be improved based on amount raised will inspire kids (and parents!) to sell.
  5. Come up with weekly incentives; if the school raises the weekly selling goals, students may earn extra recess, a teacher kick-ball competition or ice cream sandwiches—all free or cheap incentives that kids will love!

Track your progress and you’ll reach your fundraising goals in no time. For more great ideas to make your school fundraiser a success, be sure to check out the Mixed Bag Designs website!

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