Mixed Bag Lunches: Waste and Worry Free!

Mixed Bag Designs Waste-Free LunchHave you ever stopped to think about how much trash gets thrown away every day, just from a child’s school lunch alone? Believe it or not, the average child gets rid of a annual 67 pounds of garbage – that’s $246 of plastic bags and paper napkins each year! Buying reusable bags and containers for school lunches is a great eco-friendly way to save money and help the planet as well.

The first step to a waste-free lunch is a reusable lunch bag! Check out our wide variety of options, like insulated zip lunch totes and velcro-close bags. Second, you’ll need smaller bags to hold what’s inside your child’s lunch! Our foodies in various sizes and patterns are perfect for any lunch item – from a PB&J to a handful of goldfish. And of course, we have reusable ice packs for those lunch items that need to be kept cold. Lastly, your child can bring a reusable and refillable water bottle to school, instead of disposable plastic bottle. By drinking from a reusable bottle instead of recycling a new water bottle every day, your child will be saving 20 pounds of plastic each year! Be sure to view our entire lunch selection on the Mixed Bag Designs website!

Packing waste-free for school using reusable bags is a perfect way to both make a difference and save some cash on your child’s school lunch. Take the last few steps to an entirely green lunch, and use cloth napkins and reusable utensils. Thanks for helping to make a difference!

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