Great Fundraiser Display Examples

Chapman Hills Elementary displayEnders Elementary display

Attractive fundraiser displays are a perfect way to excite your sellers and increase sales! It’s great to look at our products in our fundraiser catalog, but seeing sample products on display is even better. Fundraiser sample displays really show the variety of products offered with a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, including reusable bags, accessories, totes and more. Plus, you can customize your display with your school or organization name, taglines and your school’s colors. Check out these awesome real fundraiser displays from Chapman Hills Elementary and Enders Elementary! They really took their fundraiser displays to the max, utilizing Mixed Bag Designs’ free marketing posters, and adding some pizazz to our products with colored tissue paper. Enders Elementary even dressed up the free teacher bags they qualified for with custom tags and bright tissue (below). Touches like these make everyone feel good, and inspire your organization to go all out for your fundraiser! Check out this blog for more tips on setting up your display.

Enders Elementary display

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  1. While shopping I spotted the beautiful red print shoes. They are adorable I need them. Where can I purchase them to go with my bags?

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