Help a Noble Cause: Support Cameron Winchell

Support Cameron WinchellMixed Bag Designs fundraisers have raised thousands of dollars for noble and touching causes over the years. Cameron Winchell is one of them.

Cameron is a 19-year-old young man from Brenham, Texas, a town in between Austin and Houston, who has been in a coma since September. With growing medical expenses, Cameron’s family needs help raising funds, so they are running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser. Cameron is a free spirit who loves to befriend others and captures your immediate attention with his bright smile and infectious personality.  His charisma and charm will find their way into anyone’s heart.  He loves skateboarding, basketball, football, defending the underdog, and hanging with his friends and younger brother.

Imagine your son, nephew, brother, or grandson happy and healthy one day; and the next day, not.  Cameron battles with anxiety and depression and is currently in a coma at Texas NeuroRehab Center in Austin. Endurance plays a big part in the everyday lives of the Winchell family.  The rising cost of medical bills have led Cameron’s Crusaders on a fundraising mission. You, too, can assist the Winchell crusade.  Please help Cameron and his family in the road to his recovery, and be a Cameron Crusader.

Click the following link to shop to support Cameron’s fundraiser: The fundraiser ID (374203) will already be input for you, guaranteeing all funds go to Cameron’s family. Thank you to everyone who supports Cameron’s fundraiser. Mixed Bag Designs wishes the Winchells all the best.

Support Cameron WinchellSupport Cameron Winchell

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