Smart Spring Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs

Spring2015-GeneralMarketingFundraisers are a quick and fun way to raise money for schools, groups, and other organizations. If you’re looking to put together a fundraiser this spring, partnering with Mixed Bag Designs will streamline the process. From start to finish, we offer sound advice and will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your account, catalog products, online promotion, and more. With a reliable company behind you, balancing everyday obligations and the tasks associated with your fundraiser will be far less challenging!

Fundraising for Schools & More: If you’ve never organized a fundraiser before, you likely have a lot of questions about your next steps. Working with an experienced company like ours can help you get on the right path to a successful fundraiser. Whether you’re looking to build a program for a school, local sports team, community group, or another type of organization, we will help you get started!

Exciting Seasonal Catalogs: Mixed Bag Designs releases new catalogs every spring and fall. In spring 2015 we have 2: our much-loved bag catalog plus our first kitchen and home catalog. Our broad selection of products will increase your chances of generating profits. Ordering sellers’ packs and samples of available products is an excellent idea if you’re interested in creating displays and promoting your fundraiser. Reusable bags, backpacks, totes, kitchenware, home decor and party supplies are some examples of products in our catalogs for spring.

Receive Helpful Advice: Organizing a fundraiser and planning out the details takes time and effort. Naturally, this step can be a challenge without helpful guidance. Consulting Mixed Bag Designs is a smart choice, especially if you’re looking for creative, promising spring fundraising ideas. An experienced professional will offer useful suggestions and help you choose the right fundraising program. Additionally, we’ll assist you with managing your account, offer advice on promotions, and ship merchandise. With a successful fundraising company, you’ll have the support you need to plan a fun and profitable fundraiser!

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