Involve Parents in Your School Fundraiser

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser TipsAccording to a recent survey, 89% of parents admitted to helping out their schools by planning fundraisers, helping sell fundraising goods, or donating money to their school. This means that parents are invested not only in donating but also helping plan school fundraisers, perhaps more than we ever realized!

Most of the parents want to invest in their children’s school fundraisers which help the school build a playground or purchase new equipment. They feel good about donating for a good cause. When planning a school fundraiser, it then makes sense to involve parents as much as possible from the start to hopefully boost participation across the community. Parents can be very loyal donors and provide you with lots of funds. Another reason to involve parents is that you would need less effort to persuade them into donating money or helping in the fundraiser.

Whether it is asking for money or help in setting up the fundraiser, parents are more likely to participate enthusiastically. Most schools ask parents for donation money or selling of goods, but what parents want is to invest their time and efforts for fundraising. They want to be physically present for the fundraising activity; this ensures the credibility of the fundraiser as well.

Schools should consider parents as important teammates for their fundraiser’s success. Parents understand the importance of fundraising and building the community for the better. They are also a source of word-of-mouth for the school fundraiser. Since mothers usually socialize with other women of the community, by involving moms in your fundraiser planning, you may be inadvertently building a team of potential volunteers and donors through their grapevine!

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