Successful Spring Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs!

Spring Fundraising with Mixed Bag DesignsPromote Chic Bags During Your Next Spring Fundraiser: The holidays are over and people are already planning their next big break, Spring Break! Spring fundraiser planning typically begins right after the New Year and figuring out how to effectively fund your cause can be challenging. A fundraiser that incorporates a great variety of stylish and practical products is the perfect solution. Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers give sellers tons of choices to offer at great price-points, and our products are both useful and fun!

Home and Storage: Spring cleaning is the perfect time to sell many of our home storage items, like underbed storage, storage bin sets and collapsible  totes. Other bags are made to hold a variety of household items, including toys and laundry, while adding a touch of modern style to your home. Your customers may even take advantage of bags made specifically to hold items such as wrapping paper or even jewelry.

Accessories: You might also boost your fundraiser sales by offering a broad range of accessories and gifts, such as a nifty tote organizer. This clever handbag insert featuring multiple pockets allows you to easily switch handbags while keeping all of your important purse items secure. Customers may also be interested in buying a tech belt bag from you, which is made to store your smartphone, keys, iPod and other essentials. Sell gift bag sets to get your customers ready for the birthday parties, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and Christmas celebrations to take place in the New Year.

A Great Spring Fundraiser Opportunity: When working on a spring fundraiser, partner with Mixed Bag Designs. We can provide high-quality catalogs for your potential customers and will help you choose the best program for your spring fundraising needs!

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