Best Spring Fundraiser Products from our Bags and Accessories Catalog

Mixed Bag Designs Top Fundraising ProductsMeeting your school or organization’s fundraising goals starts with a great fundraising program and practical, high-quality products. Every season, Mixed Bag Designs puts together catalogs full of colorful and easy-to-sell products at great price points, guaranteeing you fundraising success! Spring represents a lot of things: fresh starts, staying organized, living out New Year’s resolutions and getting psyched for summertime! A fundraiser with us will give all of your supporters tons of great product options to purchase for a happy and healthy year. Here are some of our top products from our Bags & Accessories Catalog.

Healthy Living: The top New Year’s resolution in 2014 was to get in better shape. There are so many fun ways to stay fit, whether it’s running, racquetball, team sports or hitting the gym. Some of Mixed Bag Designs’ top Spring products to help you stay healthy are our best-selling tech belts and duffle bags. Rock your best look whether you’re working out or going out; the hands-free tech belt bag is perfect for keeping your phone, keys, and other essentials close within reach. It even fits the iPhone 6+! Also, tough and stylish, our durable Navy/Grey Duffle is perfect for all your travel, gym and on-the-go needs. We also have new Foldable Duffle Bags for Spring!

Being Eco-Friendly: Plastic bag bans are sweeping the country, and more and more people are realizing the harm that plastic bags and other disposable products are causing to the Earth. A few simple lifestyle changes can make a big impact, like using reusable bags when shopping and going litter-less with your lunches. A fundraiser with us means tons of “green” products, like reusable bags and lunch sets that even have reusable pouches for sandwiches and snacks.

Staying Organized: Staying organized was the number two New Year’s resolution for 2014, and we offer all the right fundraising products to help you meet your organization goals. This Spring we have bucket storage sets, collapsible storage totes and car storage products. From stuffed animals to laundry and everything in between, you can spruce up your storage space with these adorable storage sets and designs.

Summer Fun:  A beach or pool bag is a summer staple. Tote your goods in our popular carryall tote—big enough to carry your suit, towels and more. We also have great new faux leather reversible tote that makes the transition from Spring/Summer into Fall/Winter a breeze. One side is a sunny hot pink or mint, and they reverse to either neutral black or navy. We also have tons of canvas for Spring, like our fruit-printed market totes that look good enough to eat!

These are just a few of our favorites for Spring fundraising! Keep an eye out for our feature on top items from our Kitchen & Home Catalog.


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