Top 6 Reasons Why Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising is the Best

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising

Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers are the best around! Not only do we offer unique and exclusive fundraising products, but we offer big profit tooβ€”your organization receives 50% from every catalog sale. We also offer online only fundraiser options (for 40% profit), and any out of town friends and family can shop online to support catalog fundraisers, too! Sell from two colorful catalogs, our Bags & Accessories Catalog and our Kitchen & Home Catalog. There’s something for everyone, and at an average cost of $15 our designs are affordable, too. Continue reading

25 Great Fundraiser Incentive Ideas

Fundraiser Incentives

Even if you are running a great catalog fundraiser, encouraging students to participate can be tricky. Also, you don’t want to spend much money on incentives because that will cut down on your fundraising profits. Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser reps have worked with lots of schools and groups, and we’ve compiled some awesome incentives from real schools to help encourage your sellers to bring in those orders!

Individual Seller Rewards

  • Any seller who turns in an order gets a free sucker
  • Consider having small rewards for number of orders brought in: 1 order = a sucker, 2 orders = a sucker and smarties, 3 orders = a sucker, smarties and bouncy ball, etc. Kids will clamor to collect them all!
  • Sell a certain amount ($50 is a good suggestion) and the seller gets to attend a pizza party
  • Gift Cards for the top sellers: $75 to #1, $50 to #2 and $25 to 3rd place. Try to get local businesses to donate.
  • Top sellers of the week get a special badge to wear for a day
  • Top sellers of the week get a shout-out on the daily announcements

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10 Best Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising events can be a fun and rewarding method to meet your organization’s fundraising goals. We picked 10 of our favorite fundraising event ideas to get your wheels turning to plan your next fundraiser! Consider hosting a fundraiser event PLUS a catalog fundraiser to skyrocket your earning potential!

Trivia Night: Have parents and friends sign up a team for a trivia night and charge a certain amount per person to participate. Use a small percent of each entry fee to create a cash prize. Then, offer the prize to the winning trivia team! Such a simple idea can raise a lot of funds for your cause, plus the event is fun for everyone! Trivia nights are a great way for parents to get to know one another, and foster fun competition among friends. Continue reading

Mixed Bag Designs Spring Collection On Display

Our Reusable Bag Display For Spring Fundraisers - TMEACheck out our latest booth full of spring fundraising products including our reusable bags and all new kitchen & home items. This display is from the Texas Music Educators Conference in San Antonio. Keep an eye out for Mixed Bag Designs‘ spring fundraising products coming to a show near you soon! We’ll be heading out to Chicago, Georgia and New York later this month!

Top 5 Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips from Mixed Bag Designs

  • Plan Ahead
    • Successful fundraisers aren’t planned overnight. If you are planning a Spring fundraiser, it’s best to start planning in January or February. For Fall, start your research over the summer.
    • Consider what timeline could earn your school the most sales. Perhaps a fundraiser right before Mother’s Day or Christmas could help increase orders. Sometimes timing really is everything!
    • Recruit volunteers early. Between ordering fundraiser catalogs, putting together parent letters and emails, writing memos to teachers and entering orders there is a lot of work involved in running a successful fundraiser! Make your fundraiser a breeze by divvying up work among willing volunteers. The earlier you confirm your helpers the better!

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Healthy Litterless School Lunch Ideas

Mixed Bag Designs Litterless Lunch IdeasForget brown bag school lunches, and pass on the unhealthy cafeteria food! This blog will show you top school lunch products and also great kid-approved lunch ideas. In a day where we know how bad plastic pollution is for our world, Mixed Bag Designs has come up with eco-friendly products for your daily lives. Lunch bags made from partially recycled plastic, small foodies pouches to use for snacks instead of plastic baggies, and trendy but practical bento boxes are just a few productsfor a “green” lunch.

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