Top 5 Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips from Mixed Bag Designs

  • Plan Ahead
      • Successful fundraisers aren’t planned overnight. If you are planning a Spring fundraiser, it’s best to start planning in January or February. For Fall, start your research over the summer.
      • Consider what timeline could earn your school the most sales. Perhaps a fundraiser right before Mother’s Day or Christmas could help increase orders. Sometimes timing really is everything!
      • Recruit volunteers early. Between ordering fundraiser catalogs, putting together parent letters and emails, writing memos to teachers and entering orders there is a lot of work involved in running a successful fundraiser! Make your fundraiser a breeze by divvying up work among willing volunteers. The earlier you confirm your helpers the better!

  • Advertise
    • Put up flyers around the school, hang a banner in the hallway, and give hand-outs to homeroom teachers to pass out to students. Visual reminders help increase sales, especially when they mention incentives students can earn for selling! Don’t forget to advertise your flyer in your school’s newsletter or email newsletter, too.
    • Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers come with free marketing posters to hang around the school plus there are free flyers available online to print out for easy distribution.
  • Offer Incentives & Prizes
    • Students sell a lot more when they have the chance to earn prizes. Many fundraising companies, including Mixed Bag Designs, offer complimentary incentive prize programs to fundraisers.
    • Besides an included prize program, get creative and add some unique prizes to the list you know you’re school or group would love. Maybe if your school reaches its goal the top 10 sellers can duct tape the Principal to the wall, the school gets a crazy dress day or goes on a field trip to a park some afternoon.
  • Utilize Social Media
    • Social media is a great way to remind sellers and parents about your fundraiser, give updates on goals and offer tips and words of encouragement.
    • The most popular posts include pictures! If you’re running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, take advantage of the free downloadable Facebook graphics on our website. Otherwise, make visual charts showing how close you are to your goal, showcase the prizes students can earn, and more.
  • Set Lots of Mini Goals
    • Having a big end goal is great, but can sometimes be daunting. You don’t want your sellers or parents to not try their hardest because the fundraising goal seems too high! Come up with a series of small, attainable goals to encourage sellers to promote your fundraiser.
    • Examples of mini goals include: The first class to raise $500 gets an extra 15 minutes of recess or the highest selling student at the end of the first week gets to go out to lunch with their favorite teacher. These sorts of rewards encourage competition among sellers and make the fundraiser even more fun!

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