10 Best Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising events can be a fun and rewarding method to meet your organization’s fundraising goals. We picked 10 of our favorite fundraising event ideas to get your wheels turning to plan your next fundraiser! Consider hosting a fundraiser event PLUS a catalog fundraiser to skyrocket your earning potential!

Trivia Night: Have parents and friends sign up a team for a trivia night and charge a certain amount per person to participate. Use a small percent of each entry fee to create a cash prize. Then, offer the prize to the winning trivia team! Such a simple idea can raise a lot of funds for your cause, plus the event is fun for everyone! Trivia nights are a great way for parents to get to know one another, and foster fun competition among friends.

Carnival: Kids REALLY like this fundraiser idea! Host a carnival in your school parking lot or gymnasium. Parents, let your organization borrow bean bag games, horse shoes, washers, pin the tail on the donkey and other party games that they may have at home. You can also invest in buying or making some games to use at future fundraisers. Sell tickets for attendees to play the games, and offer small toy prizes, or prizes like extra recess for students.

Auction: Auction off a combination of donated goods and fun experiences or events. Some material goods examples are themed gift baskets, home decor, or food. Some event or experience auction items include a night out including dinner and movie/theater tickets, a stay at someone’s timeshare, or the chance to be Principal for a day.

Walkathon: This is an exciting and active way to raise money for your organization. Like a trivia night, participants can enter as a team, or they can participate individually. For a fee, entrants sign up to walk a pre-determined route. Pick whatever length you wish, but remember that more people are likely to participate if it is shorter. Get people excited to join by having a theme, fun music,  and mini contests/rewards. Reach out to local businesses to sponsor food and drinks for afterward, and consider setting up some fun games for an after party.

Craft Fair: Craft fairs are an easy way to raise money. Kids love doing crafts, so students can donate their art to the show, or your art teachers can spend a special class making items for the fair. Once student and outside donations are received, have a craft fair for one or more evenings (perhaps a Thursday/Friday), and if possible provide soft drinks or wine for the adults. Invite parents, friends and family. It’s a great way for everyone to mingle and raise money!

Movie Night: Everyone loves going to the movies, right? Bring the movie theater to your school! Set up a projection screen in your gymnasium, cafeteria or auditorium and sell tickets. Pick a classic like The Wizard of Oz or a popular film like Frozen. Open up your concession stand for even more fundraising potential. Movie nights can be held any time of the year, and as much as you’d like, so it’s an easy way to raise money.

Kickball Game: This event is great for a Friday afternoon, or even a Saturday. Organize a kickball game, students vs. teachers. Kids love seeing their teachers out playing kickball, and the competition would be entertaining for all. Open up your concession stand and “kick” back and relax. Charge a small fee to watch the game. The winning team can receive a small cash prize or something like pizza or ice cream.

Game Night: Since everyone has so many board games at home, a game night is an easy way to utilize the resources you have to raise money. Either charge a flat fee to participate in an evening of fun, or charge to play per game. You can set up sections by game type, like card games, younger children’s games or word games.

Prom for Parents: This event is really fun for parents at your school. Host a Prom for Parents and encourage them to dress up in their old prom clothes or dress clothes. Charge a fee for attending, and offer or sell drinks and snacks. Bust out classic dance music and 80’s tunes for a fun throwback evening. Everyone will have so much fun that it won’t even feel like a fundraiser. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for parents to get to know one another.

Talent Show: An oldie but a goodie, a talent show is a great way to raise money and put on an entertaining show. Plenty of students will be eager to participate, and parents will be thrilled to see their children or their friends perform. An atmosphere of encouragement and support is perfect for a fundraiser, and everyone is sure to have a fun time!

Want to raise even more money for your fundraiser event?

  • At the event sell bags, accessories and more from Mixed Bag Designs.You can purchase items at wholesale and raise even more scratch for your school by selling them at an event. Dont’ forget to consider Mixed Bag Designs for your next catalog fundraiser for 50% profit!
  • Have a photo booth set up at your event. Include a fun background, goofy props and costumes and a few volunteer photographers. Charge however much you desire for attendees to purchase their memento. Everybody wins!

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  1. My son’s baseball team has been wanting to do a fundraiser for their season but they aren’t really sure what to do. Baseball is really big in our town so fundraising can a be a little tricky. I had the idea of doing car magnets. I think that everyone loves a good car magnet and you could do it with any team! I will definitely consider these other ideas, thanks for the tips!

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