25 Great Fundraiser Incentive Ideas

Fundraiser Incentives

Even if you are running a great catalog fundraiser, encouraging students to participate can be tricky. Also, you don’t want to spend much money on incentives because that will cut down on your fundraising profits. Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser reps have worked with lots of schools and groups, and we’ve compiled some awesome incentives from real schools to help encourage your sellers to bring in those orders!

Individual Seller Rewards

  • Any seller who turns in an order gets a free sucker
  • Consider having small rewards for number of orders brought in: 1 order = a sucker, 2 orders = a sucker and smarties, 3 orders = a sucker, smarties and bouncy ball, etc. Kids will clamor to collect them all!
  • Sell a certain amount ($50 is a good suggestion) and the seller gets to attend a pizza party
  • Gift Cards for the top sellers: $75 to #1, $50 to #2 and $25 to 3rd place. Try to get local businesses to donate.
  • Top sellers of the week get a special badge to wear for a day
  • Top sellers of the week get a shout-out on the daily announcements

Top Classroom Rewards

  • Popcorn and Movie Party for each top selling classroom
  • Everyone in the class gets a free school lunch
  • Have a no-homework night
  • Everyone gets to choose a question to skip on the next big test
  • Feature a photo on the school website honoring the top selling class
  • Class votes on a subject to skip for a day
  • Play a group game, like kickball or Heads Up, Seven Up

School-wide Rewards

  • If the whole school reaches its goal, everyone gets an extra recess period
  • If goal met, hold a Spirit Rally on a Friday. At the rally the top 3 sellers can duct tape the Principal to the wall!
  • Have a school-wide trip to a local park for a couple hours on a Friday afternoon
  • Crazy Dress Day or Pajama Day
  • Silly String the Principal!
  • Free ice cream on a Friday
  • Special popcorn and movie afternoon in the gym or auditorium. Project a favorite movie and consider having popcorn.

Teacher Rewards:

  • Top 3 selling classroom teachers receive a Mixed Bag Shopping Spree:
  • Extra lunch time for teachers
  • Pay for a Substitute for the day – day off!
  • Free classroom decorations
  • Gift baskets for top 3 selling classroom teachers. Have fun themes like “Warm the Soul,” with coffee, tea, soups and books, or “Movie Night” with candy, popcorn and a classic movie.

We hope these 25 incentive ideas will pump up your student body! Check out our other fundraiser resources on our site and consider us for your next fundraiser!

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