Top 6 Reasons Why Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising is the Best

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising

Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers are the best around! Not only do we offer unique and exclusive fundraising products, but we offer big profit too—your organization receives 50% from every catalog sale. We also offer online only fundraiser options (for 40% profit), and any out of town friends and family can shop online to support catalog fundraisers, too! Sell from two colorful catalogs, our Bags & Accessories Catalog and our Kitchen & Home Catalog. There’s something for everyone, and at an average cost of $15 our designs are affordable, too.Your local sales rep will help you through the fundraiser process, from ordering seller packets and samples to promotional ideas and incentives. Here are what some of our customers have to say about Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers:

I always appreciate doing business with you and your crew at MBD, you guys are ALWAYS helpful, polite and quick to answer any questions I have. We absolutely LOVE that MBD sorts the order per student, per class AND offers up to 50% profit. I personally love the incentive prizes that you offer because they truly make a difference. I always have a parent or student trying to sell one more bag in order to hit that mark to get that prize!
—Whitmore Charter School

We just ran a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser at our elementary school and our families LOVED it! Running the fundraiser was a dream. Everything was easy, the families really like the variety and affordability of the products, and they even arrived weeks ahead of schedule. We are spreading the word to other parent groups.

Click here if you would like to get more info about starting a fundraiser, and click here to find your local sales rep!


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