Creating an Eye-Catching Fundraiser Display

Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser display

Schools that run a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser sure know how to set up great displays! Brill Elementary in Texas and Fruitvale Jr. High in California sent us some helpful photos of how to set up an effective fundraiser display. Mixed Bag Designs makes purchasing samples to show off easy—buy a set of three, five, 10 or 15 of pre-selected bags, or shop to pick out individual samples. One you have your goods, take a hint from these schools and merchandise your products. Try to balance color, and stuff larger bags with stuffing, towels, or products you might carry in them to make them look their best. If students, parents or teachers see an attractive display that brings the items from the Mixed Bag Designs catalog pages to life, they will be all the more excited to support your fundraiser.

Add colorful signs and banners to your display with basic info about the fundraiser: due dates and who to turn in orders to is helpful, plus a cute headline to catch sellers’ attention. And don’t forget to get teachers excited about your fundraiser! Fruitvale Jr. High gave out Teacher Bags to their teachers to show appreciation and get them pumped to participate. Click here to see more fundraiser displays from real schools!

Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser display

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