10 Ways to Boost Fundraiser Profits Online

Online Fundraising TipsThe rise of social media sites, smart phones and online shopping has reshaped much of how we operate on a daily basis. Because of how “online” everything is, grabbing attention from a large audience can be pretty easy if you know how to use the tools! Here are some simple tips to utilize when promoting your fundraiser online:

  • Be visual
    • Remember that everyone’s social media feeds are clogged with pictures and videos; make yours eye-catching to stand out from the crowd! For Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers, we’ve made it easy by providing ready-to-download images for you free on our site. Use bold colors and easy-to-read fonts to make your message as clear as possible.
  • Reach out to your community
    • It can be tricky to reach outside your social circle to ask for help with your school fundraiser. Great places to start are local businesses; your community’s Chamber of Commerce, the local after-school hangout, library and more are places that love helping local schools succeed. Post on their Facebook page, mention them in a Tweet, or send a friendly email asking if they can give your fundraiser a shout-out. They might post about you on social media, their blog, or email blast and get your fundraiser even more exposure!
  • Make it personal
    • Asking for donations can be touchy since you don’t want to seem too in-your-face. Most people realize fundraisers are necessary, but to really get them interested in supporting your cause, back story helps. Use social media as a platform to tell your organization’s story, and how funds raised will be used. If past fundraisers have made a big difference, consider sharing before and after photos from a project the last fundraiser helped complete, such as a playground. If the fundraising money went to something more abstract, share quotes from the principal or others positively effected by the fundraiser.
  • Give web links
    • A Mixed Bag Designs catalog fundraiser is a face-to-face way to raise funds, but did you know that even catalog fundraisers can earn additional money through online sales? When promoting your fundraiser, always share the Mixed Bag Designs website along with your organization’s fundraiser ID. Anyone who enters your ID at checkout will be supporting your cause. 40% of all online sales will go to your fundraiser, and orders ship directly to the supporter.
    • Besides the Mixed Bag Designs link, share a link to your school or organization’s site to give people unfamiliar with you more information about your history. It’s also helpful to have a description of your fundraiser and what it’s for on your website.
  • Post at the right time
    • What time of day or night are locals most likely to see your posts on social media? In general, posts made during the workday are lost in the shuffle because people aren’t on social media as much. Consider posting after the school day ends, or around 5 pm before families sit down for dinner. After dinner around 8 or 8:30 pm is also a great time to post.
  • Send emails
    • The most straight-forward way to call attention to your fundraiser online is by sending emails. Start with your friends, family and colleagues, then branch out to local businesses. Encourage contacts to forward the fundraiser information to theirs, and that way tons more people know about your fundraiser! Make sure to include pictures and web links that will entice potential supporters!
  • Use hashtags
    • Create a hashtag to use on all your posts about the fundraiser, and encourage others to use the same one. That way, when a user clicks on the hashtag, other related posts will show. This will give your fundraiser a bit more weight and encourage other sellers or parents to post about it too! Also, you can use other trending hashtags in your post to get outsiders to view your posts.
  • Blog your progress
    • For longer form back story and news, write blog posts. On Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, and on Facebook short and sweet is also the way to go. On a blog you can be more personal, share lots of photos and not worry about inundating  friends and family’s social media with too much content.
  • Share updates
    • Every 2-3 days, share an update of your fundraiser’s progress. Again, remember to be visual; make a free fundraising progress thermometer or graphic of your own that demonstrates how close you are to your goal. Seeing a visual representation of the fundraiser can help enthuse supporters and sellers!
  • Show gratitude
    • Don’t forget to thank your supporters! On your organization’s Facebook page, give public shout outs to donors (with their permission). You can also send a bi-weekly update email to your contacts. At the end of the fundraiser, consider having a party with all donors invited. Try to have it potluck style, and see if local businesses could donate some food. What better way to end the fundraiser than with celebration!

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