Great Fundraising Prize Ideas

Best Fundraiser Prizes from Mixed Bag Designs

When starting a fundraising season with Mixed Bag Designs, a little incentive can go a long way. By offering fun prizes to top sellers, both students and teachers alike will be motivated to sell Mixed Bag products and raise more money for your school or organization! Here is a list of tried and true prize suggestions that you can use to boost your fundraising success.

For Teachers:

  • Consider offering technology products, such as an iPad or Kindle, to the top selling staff member.
  • One idea at no additional cost to your school would be to give out extra days or half-days off for your staff!
  • Gift cards to local spas, restaurants, and even hotels can be a great incentive for the hard-working teacher.
  • The CEO of your company or school can offer a free lunch out to the top five sellers.
  • Offering the best space in the parking lot to the top seller is a great prize idea!
  • Who doesn’t love a game day? From baseball to soccer to ice hockey, your staff will love a free ticket to the big game.
  • You can even offer Mixed Bag Designs products to top-selling staff members!

For Students:

  • A great prize incentive for students is a gift card to an educational store, like a Barnes and Noble.
  • While bookstore gift cards always a great idea, fun prize options like movie tickets and toys can make fantastic incentives as well!
  • Consider offering a day off of school to top-selling students, or a lenient dress code day.
  • On the same note, consider hosting a hat day or a pajama day for top selling students!
  • Hosting a pizza party is a great, inexpensive motivator for elementary and high school students alike.
  • Giving away coupons for extra recess or lunch time can motivate younger kids to sell even more products.
  • And of course, students can be offered Mixed Bag Designs prizes as well!

Be sure to check out all of our Spring products on our website. Happy selling!

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