Top 5 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags!

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags

What better time to celebrate reusable bags than Earth Day! With one of our favorite holidays coming up next week, we’ve been thinking a lot about why using reusable bags is so great for the earth. Using reusable grocery and shopping bags is more than just a fleeting fad – in some areas of the country it is even required by law for customers to bring their own bags for shopping. Don’t have enough reusable bags to fit your busy lifestyle? Not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has you covered! Our products offer a great way to shop care-free and in style. Check out our top five reasons to use reusable bags!

  1. Express your individual style. Our products come in tons of fun prints and patterns, much more fun than a boring paper bag. Show off your fashion sense with some of our top picks from spring!
  2. Be eco-friendly. Going green isn’t always easy, but one of the easiest ways that you can protect the Earth is by not using harmful disposable bags when shopping. Over your lifetime, you can save over 22,000 plastic bags from polluting the world by using one of our stylish reusable bags!
  3. Reliability. What’s worse than all of your groceries falling out of the bag and breaking on the ground? Not much in our book! The average reusable bag has the lifespan of over seven hundred disposable plastic bags. We make all of our products reliable and worry-free – no need to cry over spilled milk when you have a Mixed Bag Designs bag.
  4. It saves money. Both for you personally and for the economy. In California, it costs roughly $428 million each year to clean litter from waterways, with 8% to 25% due to plastic bags. Additionally, with reusable bags you won’t need to pay the bag fee that is becoming more and more common in the United States.
  5. Plastic bags can be harmful to wildlife. It is estimated that around 100,000 marine animals alone are killed annually because of plastic bags. Although paper bags are less harmful to wildlife, it takes up to 13% more energy to produce disposable paper bags! The solution: reusable bags, courtesy of Mixed Bag Designs.

With pollution on the rise and plastic bag bans following suit, what better time to switch to reusable bags than now? Write “bring bags” at the top of every grocery list as a reminder, and soon it will become second nature. Check out some of the fun products on our website today and get going on your green shopping spree!

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  1. Thanks for the information. I just got a reusable bag and I love it. I like the feeling of being stylish as well as eco-friendly. My local grocery store gives a discount for using reusable bags so that is a bonus as well. I’ll have to look at some of your styles.

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