Fourth of July Cookout Ideas!

Fourth of July Cookout IdeasBelieve it or not, Fourth of July is just around the corner! If you’re still deciding what to cook for Independence Day, we’ve got a few great ideas for the grill and beyond!

Our Spring Kitchen & Home Catalog has lots of great seasonings to pump up your cooking, whether for holidays or any day. Even the pickiest eater will finish their vegetables when you use our delicious veggie roaster blends in flavors like Balsamic and Roasted Onion and Parmesan Mediterranean. Spice up your meats with blends like Ancho Chicken and Gimme Steak. Using our seasonings is easy as pie, and your guests and family will rave about them!

Prefer to go vegetarian or vegan for your cookout? Mixed Bag Designs has some great products to make veggies the centerpiece of your meal! Try out our new Spiralizer for making making delicious veggie noodles out of zucchini, squash, or cucumbers. Prefer to dice and chop your veggies? Check out our Veggie Chopper to chop and dice in seconds! See these and more great Kitchen and Home products on our online store.

Since our Spring 2015 seasonings were such a hit, we have more in store for this Fall! Available in August, the new season’s Kitchen & Home Catalog features many delicious dry glazes for everything from shrimp to steak. Try our delicious Chili Lime Jalapeño Dry Glaze for seafood, or our Maple and Spicy Sage Dry Glaze for steak and pork. These glazes go on dry, melt into a glaze and caramelize for a sweet, spicy heat to your grilled food! Even if you’re feeling for breakfast for dinner, our delicious Candied Bacon Rub is sure to please. Yum!

We hope you love our spice blends for your next cookout, and don’t forget to look for our new collection online in August. Happy Fourth of July from Mixed Bag Designs!

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