All New Elementary Prize Program!

Prize ProgramMixed Bag Designs’ Fall 2015 Mixed Bag Designs fundraising season is almost here! On top of 100s of new designs and products in our Bags & Accessories Catalog and Kitchen & Home Catalog, we have an all-new elementary prize program – and this season is all about MINIONS! Our old 10-tier free prize program for elementary school fundraisers is now TWELVE tiers. That means even more awesome selling incentives for students, resulting in bigger sales. The program is cumulative, so the more you sell, the more you earn.

Some of our hottest new prizes include much-loved Minion toys like key chains, plushes and a remote control talking Minion. We also have the trendy and useful selfie stick plus a high-tech 3D pen, allowing you to draw your own 3D designs and sculptures! See below for all the awesome prizes your sellers can earn during your Mixed Bag Designs Fall fundraiser.

Elementary school sellers can earn:

  • Level 1: $50-$99 Sales – Minion Key Chain
  • Level 2: $100-$149 Sales – Octopus Stretch Sticky Slime
  • Level 3: $150-$199 Sales – 2 Minion Key Chains
  • Level 4: $200-$249 Sales – Hang Glider
  • Level 5: $250-$299 Sales – Flying Screaming Monkey
  • Level 6: $300-$399 Sales – Bottle Hoodie
  • Level 7: $400-$499 Sales – Plush Minion
  • Level 8: $500-$699 Sales – Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Level 9: $700-$799 Sales – Headphones
  • Level 10: $800-$1199 Sales – Remote Control Minion
  • Level 11: $1200-$1499 Sales – 7″ Android Tablet
  • Level 12: $1500+ Sales – 3D Pen

Don’t miss out on our best prize program yet! Your students are sure to sell more than ever when they get a look at what they can earn. Mixed Bag Designs Fall fundraiser for more info on getting your fall fundraiser started!

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