Run a School Fundraiser for Over $100 in Freebies — Sign by 6/30!

Fall Fundraiser Bonus for SchoolsDon’t miss out on the final days of our school fundraiser offer! Elementary, K-12 and Middle schools that sign up by midnight June 30 are eligible for huge bonuses. Not only does a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser earn your school up to 50% profit, but every fundraiser comes with two Mixed Bag Designs catalogs for Fall: Bags & Accessories + Kitchen & Home. Sell from 100s of colorful and practical products, plus out of town friends and family can shop online to raise even more funds.

Simply sign up for your Fall fundraiser before midnight on Tuesday, June 30 and receive:

  • 10 free teacher bags; Not only are they a great thank you to teachers, but they are the perfect size for collecting students’ fundraiser orders. Teacher bags will ship with your seller packets at the beginning of your fundraiser to get your school excited to sell!
  • $100 in Mixed Bag Designs gift cards to use on our online store if your fundraiser meets its sales goal. Shop from 100s of designs from home and orders ship directly to you! You can also use purchased items as additional prizes for top sellers, raffle them off for extra profit and more.

We have lots of great new things in store for Fall including reversible gift wrap, kitchen gadgets, stylish bags, tech accessories and more. Plus, we have a new free prize program featuring minions, selfie sticks and more to reward your sellers. Choose Mixed Bag Designs for the biggest profits, most choices and the best and brightest catalogs to sell from. Click here to find your local sales rep and get started!

Eligible: Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools that sign up for a school-wide catalog fundraiser before midnight June 30. Must meet sales goals to receive gift cards. Gift cards ship at the end of your fundraiser with your main order. Talk to your local rep for more details on our program.

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