Sign up for a Fall Fundraiser in July for Freebies!

Fundraiser Bonus for SchoolsAre you a school looking for a great, high-profit fundraiser to kick off the school year? Mixed Bag Designs offers up to 50% profit fundraisers—one of the highest around—plus if you sign up this month you could qualify for over $70 in freebies!

Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools that sign up in July for a Fall catalog fundraiser are eligible to receive 10 free teacher bags + two lunch sets (valued at over $70)! Get your school’s teachers excited to help with the fundraiser by passing out the free teacher bags: they are a nice gift, plus they are just the right size for collecting catalog order forms. Teacher bags will ship with your seller packets at the beginning of your fundraiser to get your school excited to sell!

Your free lunch sets will ship at the end of your fundraiser if you meet your sales goal. Use the lunch sets as rewards for your top sellers, or you could raffle them off for additional profit! Click here or talk to your local rep for more information on this awesome fundraiser bonus!

Why a Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser is the Best:

  • Earn up to 50% profit for your organization
  • Two brand new catalogs for Fall: Bags & Accessories + Kitchen & Home
  • 100s of stylish, easy-to-sell products, including: totes, kitchenware, reusable bags, accessories, food mixes/seasonings and gift wrap.’
  • No upfront costs
  • FREE SHIPPING on your main fundraiser order (sell just $600+ to qualify)
  • Main order packed-per-seller, making distribution quick and easy
  • Out-of-town family and friends can shop online to support any fundraiser – orders ship directly to them and shipping is free for orders $75 and up!
  • Free online resources and marketing materials available to kick your fundraiser into high gear.
  • Our free and optional prize program is better than ever!

Don’t miss out on this great offer!  Find out more about our fundraising program here, and make sure to browse our online store to see the great ca

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    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for your comment! We’d love to work with your team. What is your school zip code and we can put you in contact with a local representative who can talk you through our different programs.

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