How to Kick Start Your Fundraiser!

Kick Start Your Fundraiser!The first step for any successful fundraiser is to start with a bang.  You want to let your school know how exciting the fundraiser is, and why they should help participate! We’ve got a few simple steps to help your fundraiser become a huge success.

  1. Make an announcement. If your school has a daily announcement period, tell everyone about your upcoming Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser! This would be a great time to talk about incentive prizes, as well as about all of the products we offer in both of our fall catalogs.
  2. Hang up posters. Ask a class to help you make posters about your upcoming fundraiser, or download one of our pre-made posters on the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser website!
  3. Hand out flyers. Handing out flyers for students to bring home is a great way to let the whole family know about your fundraiser. Make your own, our download one of our printable flyers from the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser website.
  4. Send out an email. Sending an email to your school community is a great, eco-friendly way to jump start your fundraising success. If you have a school newsletter, be sure to keep your school community updated about your fundraiser’s progress!
  5. Put it on your school’s website. Another green way to launch your fundraiser is by adding a link to your school’s website, no paper needed! Students and parents will be able to fund out all of the information about your fundraiser that they need right from your website.

We hope these tips help to jump start your fundraising success, and wish you the best of luck. Happy fundraising!

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